Book: Kane Trading on: Trailing Stops
December 15, 2004- As I mentioned in the last entry below, my 'break' is about to start, and I will be back to checking emails, shipping books, and writing the commentary after the first of the year. I have a few new ideas brewing in my mind, based on some reader emails, and I am going to mull some things over during my respite. I will discuss my thoughts when I return. As always, it should be interesting.
December 1, 2004- I have several small items to cover in here today. First off, as I mentioned in the last commentary, I am planning on taking a 'break' for the holidays. The last commentary will be the mid-week edition, posted by December 15, 2004. I will then resume the commentary after the first of the year, with the weekend commentary, posted by January 2, 2005.
As I have said a few times, the commentary at that point will go to once per week, on the weekend. I will have about one hundred and forty archived commentary at that point (plus the free articles) for readers to look over and see if my methodology is of any potential use to them. That was one of the main reasons for the commentary, and enough are available now (well over a thousand pages in word processor format) to get a good handle on what I do.
I will not be at my computer during my two weeks break, although I don't plan to go anywhere. I just want to relax and play golf in the warm Arizona winter sun. Hence, I will not be answering emails, shipping books, writing commentaries, or anything of that sort until I 'return' after the first of the year.
Feel free to order during that time if you want, as long as you understand I won't even see the order until after the first. If this bothers you, then simply order after I return. I will make a note regarding this on the books page, but if you don't refresh your browser, you won't see it. As an aside, if you plan to treat yourself to some books for Christmas, or buy them for someone else, please do it before December 15, or I won't be able to ship them before my break.
As I alluded to, the special upgrade price and free shipping for previous full book set buyers for Kane Trading on: A Totally New 5-Point Pattern has ended. As it was I extended it an extra month because I initially put the wrong date on the page. I want to thank everyone who took advantage of that special. If you waited but still want to buy the book it will always be available to full set buyers, it's just that the special is over. Please email me for the link, as I am not going to put it on the website. The book will continue to be available only to full set buyers.
Lastly, I've updated the testimonials page, adding a few comments regarding Kane Trading on: Trade Management to some existing testimonials. I'm getting some great feedback from people, and I wanted to make some of those available to read.
November 17, 2004- ...And after about the millionth day Jim said: "Let there be books!", and there were books... Yes, I have finally received the new book Kane Trading on: Trade Management from the new printers. I also shipped off all the 'pre-orders' today. If you took advantage off the free shipping and ordered yours early, it's on its way.
I want to thank all of those people who ordered early. It gives me a good feeling to have my 'regulars' show their continued confidence in my work by readily laying out their cash in advance. It makes my effort all seem worthwhile when I get the kind of response that I have gotten for this book.
This also means the free shipping special on this one is over now. I have updated the books page to reflect the availability of Trade Management, and adjusted the shipping back to normal.
Lastly, I want to mention one more time that the special price for previous full book set buyers for Kane Trading on: A Totally New 5-Point Pattern will be ending at the end of this month. If you want this book with the package discount credited towards the book, plus free shipping, you have to order in the next two weeks. Please email me for the link.
November 7, 2004- It was brought to my attention that I failed to make any mention of how previous book set buyers could purchase the phone support, since it is only offered on the books page with the existing full book set packages. This was an oversight on my part, which I have rectified by getting a page up for previous full book set buyers, similar to what I did for Kane Trading on: A Totally New 5-Point Pattern.
I don't want to post the link since I'd like to avoid the difficulties and confusion that will surely arise from those that don't understand the phone support is not offered as a stand-alone product. If you are a previous full set buyer and would like to take advantage of this offer, please email me for the link.
November 2, 2004- Well, all you die-hard followers of the 'What's New' section finally have something to read. I have several items of business to cover right now. For starters, I've decided to go against what I said in the commentary and take 'pre-orders' for the newly completed Kane Trading on: Trade Management.
The reason they are 'pre-orders' and not just 'orders' is because my printers have been away for an extended time with a family emergency. I expect they will be back any day now, and I can get the book dropped off and ready to go soon, but I don't know exactly when that will be. I wanted to wait until I had copies in hand before launching the release, but I felt compelled to change my mind.
Here's why. I have done a lot of additional website update work that I conjoined with this release. I finally finished the excerpts, all fifty-six of them! I won't even get into how much time that took me. I updated the FAQ page to reflect some new FAQ's about the excerpts. I did a massive overhaul of the books page, including updating the new package, and adding two more packages.
I updated four of the book descriptions (Advanced Fibonacci Trading Concepts, Entry Techniques, Trading ABCD Patterns, and the new book Trade Management). I also 'launched' a new product, or actually it would be better described as a service, my phone support option as part of the books package deal. I also put together a new page describing that service. I really broke my back to get all this done by the target date I had for the book completion.
Well, I've been sitting on all that work for about a week now, and I can't take it any longer. People email me and ask if I have any more excerpts ready, and I tell them well, yes, but they aren't up. And they ask when they can order Trade Management. Then they ask what the new product is going to be. I just can't take it any more. So, I'm 'launching' it all right now.
This will allow all the other aspects that I have completed to be utilized in the meantime, as well as allowing those that are anxious to get their copy of Trade Management locked in now to do so. To make up for the delay and the inconvenience of the 'pre-order' I will be offering free shipping within the continental U.S. for those that order before I receive the copies of the book. I hope everyone enjoys all the new updates as much as I think they are going to enjoy Trade Management.
September 3, 2004- The updated books page is now up! (If you don't see the new book, please try refreshing your browser.) And early, to boot. You can now purchase the package deal, with or without the hard copy eArticles. Understand, as outlined on that page, I won't have the new books to ship until the end of next week, around September 10, and only then if all goes well with the printer. I don't expect any problems, but unforeseen things can crop up. Feel free to order at any time, as long as you are comfortable waiting until I get the new book from the printers before I ship. I am really anxious and excited to get these out to people, and get some feedback. I am very happy with how this one came together.
September 2, 2004- I just noticed an error in something I wrote in the commentary with regard to the new book special. I mentioned that I would offer free shipping for previous full book set purchasers, and honor the 'upgrade' price, "...for the next two months, until December 1." I guess I have been working way too hard, because I reread that and realized that December 1 was three months away. Although I'm not bound by information on the website that is in error, I plan to leave that offer open until the December 1, 2004 date because I put that on there.
September 1, 2004- Well, I haven't reported much in this section for awhile, mostly because I've been too busy to find the time. That's too bad, because this section still shows up on my web stats as one of the most requested pages. I'll try to do a bit better in the future, but I only have so much time. As most of you are aware, the '100th commentary anniversary surprise' has now been revealed. Introductory details are available in the September 1, 2004 commentary. I will be getting the updated books page up as soon as possible, likely by the weekend.
I also mentioned in the commentary that if you are a previous full book set purchaser, I will be offering a special 'upgrade' price for the new book. If you are interested, please email Jim for a special link to go to and make your purchase. Keep in mind that although you can make your purchase right now, I will not be able to ship until the end of next week (around September 10), if all goes well at the printers.
June 20, 2004- Jim has returned from 'vacation', all rested and ready to go. Book shipments will go out Monday for all those that ordered during this period. If you held back on your order until Jim returned, you can go ahead now and place your order. All accumulated emails will be answered promptly.
May 29, 2004- As discussed in the weekend commentary, I am going to take a rare break from my 'trading desk' and get some much needed R&R. I will be back at the desk around the weekend of June 20th. The next commentary will likely be the mid-week edition, posted on Wednesday, June 23. It's possible, if I get bored early, that I'll write a weekend commentary for June 20th. If you want, try back that Sunday night or early Monday morning and see if I've posted anything. This break may be a good time for readers to catch up on reading the archived posts, and the free articles.
When I return I'll discuss some possible changes to the commentary format. I'll be thinking over what I may do while I'm on 'vacation'. I also want to point out that although I'm not likely to actually go anywhere, I will definitely be away from my computer. I will not be accessing any email or shipping any books/eArticles until I return to my desk. Feel free to make an order while I'm away, but please understand that I won't even see the order until I return. I will ship all accumulated orders on Monday, June 21.
May 26, 2004- I have just discovered (after finding error messages galore in my website stats) that I accidentally deleted May 16, 19, and 23 from the archive, as well as about half the rest of the website. It's all been been resurrected and is now 'back on line'. I was trying a new way to move files around, and I guess it doesn't work. The problem is corrected, so if you were among the many who tried to access those pages, please try again.
May 1, 2004- I have just updated the recommended reading page, adding some new listings. Keep in mind that for me to consider a book to be worthwhile I only need to get one good tip, hint or idea from it.
April 18, 2004- It's been awhile since I've updated this section. The positive aspect of the trade-off is that there is now a new book available. I've finally gotten Kane Trading on: Multiple Timeframes and 'Context' done, and it is available for purchase on the books page. It is at the printers right now, and is expected to be ready for pickup on Wednesday. This means that I will likely be shipping the first copies out to the advanced purchasers by Friday. I just need a little time to do my quality control checking to make sure they are ready to go.
It has been a long wait for this book, but I feel the wait was worth it. I couldn't be any happier with how this book has turned out. I think it is going to be quite a valuable guide for traders, both pattern traders and non-pattern traders. Although the book is built around pattern trading and how I have improved upon that type of trading, the material is applicable to any trading style. I can't imagine attempting to trade if I didn't have this material at hand.
I am also running a package deal, combining this latest book with Scott M. Carney's newest book that is just out, Harmonic Trading of the Financial Markets: Volume One. I felt that it was just too spectacular of a combination not to offer it to my readers. This combines what I feel is the best book to date on pattern character, efficient pattern trading and screening, and pattern/trading 'context' (my latest book), with the best pattern book (Scott's latest book). The two books together are quite powerful, in my opinion. I am planning on doing another package with Advanced Fibonacci Trading Concepts, Trading ABCD Patterns, and Harmonic Trading of the Financial Markets: Volume One. I may also put the new Multiple Timeframes and 'Context' into that package. Keep an eye out here for updates.
February 29, 2004- Well, as I mentioned in the free commentary, all good things must come to an end, and the introductory free shipping special on all Kane Trading books has now ended. I want to thank all those buyers who came in at the last minute to take advantage of the special before it ended. The very nominal shipping and handling costs that I now charge for the books are listed on the Kane Trading FAQ's page.
These are break-even shipping and handling costs for me, at best. That doesn't even take into account the usually long lines that I have to wait in at the post office. There's no way around that, though, since delivery confirmation and tracking requires a post office representative to process the shipment. I just want it to be clear that I am barely covering expenses with the shipping and handling, and not bloating it at all to make money in that area.
February 23, 2004- I just posted an excerpt from my February 4, 2004 daily commentary on the free articles page. It's entitled Some discussion about Advanced Fibonacci Trading Concepts and the Kane Trading methodology. It occurred to me that many people may have missed this presentation, and I feel that it is important enough to merit being listed on the free articles page. As I explained in the original commentary, it was my intention to do an article in this vein at some point, but as usual time is always limiting what I can get done.
So, in the meantime, I wrote up an interim commentary covering the ideas. As usual, I wound up being long-winded and covered the topic in more detail than I originally intended. It occurred to me that the commentary was pretty close to what I had planned to write up when time permitted, so I just copied the excerpt and posted it. If you missed this, be sure to read it, and even if you did read it the first time around I think it's worth a second look.
February 22, 2004- As mentioned in the February 20-22, 2004 weekend commentary, I've decided to only post the free commentary twice per week for the time being (mid-week on Wednesday, and on the weekend on Sunday), in order to concentrate on my latest book, decided by 'popular demand', Kane Trading on: Multiple Timeframes and 'Context'. I will also use the time I will pick up by cutting back the commentary to finally finish up Kane Trading on: Trade Management, before everyone gives up hope on ever getting a copy of that one.
I will then reassess the future direction of the commentary once the books are out. I feel that this is the best use of my time, from a client standpoint, to get these two works out there and available. My apologies to the readers for cutting back, but it was your emails that prompted me to make the choice that I have made. When you get the books, I think that you will find the trade-off was worth it.
On a different note, I've updated the Mentorship page. In order to give potential students more choice with this program I've decided to offer two versions of the program, 'standard' and 'intensive'. The main difference between the two versions is in the number of days spent one on one with Jim. The 'standard' is two full days, and the 'intensive' is three full days. Complete details are outlined on the mentorship page. I felt that it was important to give potential students the opportunity to decide what they wanted, instead of me just making the decision and offering only one option.
January 17, 2004- I was able to sort out the glitch on the books page, and I've gotten the hard copy versions of A Pattern Trade Entry Technique and The 4-Point Continuation Pattern up. Thanks for your continued patience on this, I know it took me awhile to sort this out. I've tested the new page and everything seems to be working now. Please notify me if you have any trouble with the books page, or in the purchasing process with anything on that page. I suspect everything is running smoothly, but the real test will be when you, the customer, gives it a try.
January 14, 2004- I've finally gotten the eArticle (PDF) version of A Pattern Trade Entry Technique onto the eArticles page. I've been having a bit of difficulty adding the new hard copy versions of both A Pattern Trade Entry Technique and The 4-Point Continuation Pattern onto the books page. It's a 'technical' issue that I hope to resolve soon. If I can't get this fixed by the weekend, I'll put up a temporary page for ordering these items until I do get it fixed. Thanks for your patience on this, I know that quite a few people have inquired more than once asking when these items will be on the website so that they can order their copy. One way or another, I'll have something up very soon for ordering these items.
January 09, 2004- I have finished the page for the Kane Trading mentorship program. It may take me a little while before I get the link for this added to the drop down menu. For now, please use the link here and bookmark the page if interested. I may refine the information on the page as I further develop the details of the program. I want to thank all those that have expressed interest and requested that I offer this program. I am doing my best to respond to the wants and needs of my clients and readers.
January 08, 2004- The hard copy versions of both the brand new article A Pattern Trade Entry Technique and The 4-Point Continuation Pattern are now available. I am working on getting these on the Books page as soon as possible, as well as getting the electronic version of A Pattern Trade Entry Technique on the eArticles page. If you absolutely can't wait for this new article please contact me directly and we'll make arrangements for an 'early' purchase. I hope to have the pages updated this week sometime.
January 07, 2004- Due to the number of inquiries that I have received, I have decided to introduce my Kane Trading mentorship program in the very near future. I had intended to add this a little bit further down the line, but it doesn't seem to make sense to tell people who are asking for this service that I don't offer it yet. I expect to have a page up soon, perhaps by this weekend or shortly thereafter, detailing the program. Basically the program is going to be three full day, one on one sessions with Jim in sunny Tucson, AZ, with up to six months of additional phone support. Once I get the page up all the specific details of the program will be outlined there. Keep an eye on the 'What's New' section here for updates.
January 05, 2004- The eArticle A Pattern Trade Entry Technique is finished, and I'm very pleased with how the final version came out. As I mentioned, this will also be available in a hard copy version, along with the hard copy version of The 4-Point Continuation Pattern. Both are at the printers right now, and are supposed to be ready this weekend. I will attempt to get both of the hard copy versions added to the Books page, as well as getting A Pattern Trade Entry Technique on the eArticles page, with a detailed description, some time this weekend.
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