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Jan 4, 2021- Hmmm, I actually followed through and wrote the 'forum people' article. I posted it on the Free Articles page. Here's the direct link. I want to warn you, it's scathing, as I promised. It's full of vitriol the likes of which you usually don't see from me. I am known for speaking my mind, and I do here. I tear into the lunacy I have seen over the years in forums, and I don't hold back. Be forewarned.
Jan 1, 2021- Well, you probably got here via the closure page and you already know the news. Kane Trading is no longer operating as a business. All PayPal links have been removed/deactivated (if I found them all...). I will keep this website up for archival purposes for some period of time, perhaps indefinitely. There is a tremendous amount of information here that I put a lot of hours into, and I like the idea of it continuing to be a resource for those who are pursuing this type of methodology. In a sense it's part of my legacy, my life's work, and I like to have that still available.
I hope to write at least one new article about 'forum people', as alluded to on the closure page. If I do I'll post a link on the free articles page and mention it in here. I have literally dozens of articles already written in rough draft form that I never polished up and put on the site. There are only so many hours in a day, and the diminished following of this site is an impediment to my motivation. In other words, my 'motivatory' is broken. But keep checking back, because I would like to get at least the one article up.
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