Book: Kane Trading on: Entry Techniques
"When I need information to know what's going on in the markets, I turn to Jim Kane. Whether it's the COT report, sentiment indicators or to generally know what's happening, Jim Kane has the information I need. Jim has developed effective proprietary trading strategies and he has helped me define many Harmonic Trading techniques, including the 0.886 retracement. Jim knows more about the markets than the next 10 guys I know. When you need a reliable source for pertinent information and trading advice in the financial markets, Jim Kane is the man."
Scott Carney

"Jim is one of the most extremely qualified technical traders/teachers that I have met. His rational for trading decisions and his systems are extremely well thought out and effective. It all makes sense! When we have discussed some of his systems or decisions, he explains them in great and easily understood detail.
Jim has taken his approach to technical trading to a new high due to his interest and knowledge of Fibonacci ratios and patterns. He has identified many new Fibonacci ratios and when one observes them, they make a lot of sense. I highly recommend him for training and trading."
Roland P.
Futures trader

"Jim Kane's original approach and fresh ideas for evaluating the securities markets make him a worthwhile source for answers in today's challenging investment environment."
Alan Kuenhold
Portfolio Manager, Technical Strategist
Technical Analysis Investment Advisory
Registered Investment Advisor

"Simply put you have the best trading books out there, and I have read hundreds of them. Basically, you provide all the pieces to the puzzle."
Referring to Trade Management: "Tuesday I received the book. The next day I spent most of the day reading it, and finished it. What a great book, one of my favorites. The information is incredible, but I bet that most people that read it unfortunately won't realize how valuable and unique the information is. Well, all I can say is great work, and thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience."
Dario M.
Trader/Fibonacci newsletter writer

"After reading your books I've been very impressed with how you teach and apply your trading system. After spending money on other fib-trading books, I have to say that you are by far the most informative I've read to date...
...Once again I would like to thank you for taking the time to write the books and share your own knowledge. It has already helped me in one trade this week."
Todd G.

"Your unique sequence-by-sequence presentation has made the understanding of Fibonacci principles a deep imprint on my mind, which makes my trading second nature. Thanks for revealing the 'secret' ratios that beat the common trading zone which uses the traditional ratios."
Soonek P.
Trader, Singapore

"First, I would like to say "Thank You" for your steady effort and valued message delivered via your web site. I read your commentaries on a regular basis. I appreciate the effort and frankly would pay for continued access to your thoughts and techniques if you ever changed your business model.
That leads me to another reader feedback item. In your previous post (Sept 1) you get into this whole discounting of your books. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I just don't think price is really the issue when it comes to quality trading material and advice. Price is the last characteristic that I consider when deciding on purchasing a product or service related to my trading education.
A $40 savings in a business that in "the blink of an eye" we can drop the same amount of change. I just don't get it. Maybe the problem is the internet and its discount mentality. If anything, you should increase your book prices and reduce your volume. People that are serious about this profession and the trading business will be able to determine the value of your comprehensive approach and methodology."
Referring to Trade Management: "Received the new book on Saturday and finished the first read on Sunday. You did an excellent job of presenting the material and I thought it flowed nicely. I did see the 18,000 hour reference. Wow..., your hard work and effort does show. Most of your material and writings are like nothing else I have seen published or even 'promoted'. My compliments to the author."
More recent additions:
"All I can say is that is pretty advanced stuff. Probably overkill for just about everyone. It is amazing the level you operate on."
Referring to Four 'New' ABCD Pattern Variations: "Well, as always just excellent! I read it the 1st time in 2.5 hrs front to back. I was a sponge and ALL of it just hit without any confusion. The surprise for me was the trend continuation ABCD. That one has given me problems in the past because I was on the other side. Now I know what to watch out for."
"I did read your new book again and took my time the 2nd time around. I spent about 5 hours on Saturday carefully reviewing the points and marking the sections that I will revisit on the 3rd read. You just continue to raise the bar on real world trading material. With your complete body of work, including the median line work and members commentary, I really don't think there is anything else available to the public (or otherwise?) that comes close. I STOPPED looking when my comprehension of your methodology started to click and after working with you personally as a mentor student.
Thank you and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help."
Name withheld by request

"This is the wheat farmer from Kansas and I am Back!!! You sounded surprised but when you are such a good teacher, how can I not learn from you. The three reasons I am back are:
- You showed me the markets can be figured out ahead of time in a live situation and that impressed me.
- You analyzed charts with just price action and no indicators and that impressed me.
- I made money...that really impressed me."
Bruce J.
Trader, Kansas

"I have been going through the (member section) archives, amazing stuff. You're on top of your game. It all makes sense to me. You do a very good job at describing/summarizing your thought process. I am looking forward to reading your books as it seems you have every step of your trade process and game plan explained in there."
"I want to thank you for writing Four 'New' ABCD Pattern Variations and Median Line and Fibonacci Synergy. In MLFS you describe the subtle specifics of ML's and adjusted ML's. Your adjusted ML's are a killer... You've taking lines to another level (adjusted ML's especially) in creating the synergy with fib price levels intersections. You have put so many great ideas to words and pictures, and they all fit together. (Always reminds me of the A-Team : "I love it when a plan comes together").
The four new ABCD patterns are great and I always look for them on charts. Mr. 30 (see author's note below), you must have found a way to tap into your right brain powers when I see all the great material you have come up with. I attached a chart of Friday's trade ABCD into adjusted ML, etc... Thanks for the incredible book set and many original ideas and setups."
"Your whole approach to trading is very detailed, balanced. And it's teachable, you do a good job at it via your books and members section. And I was pleasantly surprised how good you are at using your charting (intermarket analysis...) to assist/describe your 'economic outlook'. You're way above value, 3rd standard deviation, maybe higher... "
Author's note: This is a reference to a test I mentioned in the book that I once took to determine how left or right-brained I was. The score range went from -30 for maximum right-brained, up to +30 for maximum left-brained, with 0 being neutral. I scored +30, and nicknamed myself 'Mr. 30' to remind myself how one-sided I was.
Bart B.
Trader, Belgium

"I just finished my first reading of Four 'New' ABCD Pattern Variations, and at the same time received the second book (Median Line and Fibonacci Synergy). With respect to the first book, I'm short of superlatives, so I'll just say: awesome! You overlaid the patterns and the process, in a clear way, simple and very well structured. The best testimony is the fact that I have nothing to ask you. It's all clear to me. Of course, I was running to the charts, and it is simply fantastic. The patterns are just popping up to the eye. Even to the degree, I don't need to put the defining fibs on. I know it fits just by eyeballing.
The greatest thing I took from the book is to think 'corrective' when I see the patterns. I never though about double-tops as potentially corrective patterns. Actually, I was seeing these patterns already by myself, but now I have them structurally defined and with the right context. And that's the great thing I got from your book. I think that around page 160, you were 'asking' for this kind of feedback. But I can ensure you that this is a genuine feedback, not an 'ordered' one, as I had it well before p.160. And I think that you know me a bit by now, so you know I'm not BS'ing. Once again, thanks for a great book."
Kobi B.
Trader, Belgium

From one of my initial mentor students, when I mentioned in an email that I was quite surprised that he still reads my free commentary after all this time:
"As far as me checking your free commentary, it's not for the information really, it is almost as if it's a way to honor you and a way to keep in touch with you, just like in martial arts you always want to be in touch with your master. Well, that's how I feel about you, and this way once a week I take the opportunity to feel your presence so of speak, remember your teachings, and feel your energy and power."
Name withheld
Hedge fund trader

"Thanks again for sharing your insight and approach. My account profit has nearly doubled since I have read your works, especially by improving my pre-trade analysis and strategies, and by improving and adding consistency to my entry techniques in some situations, and (in my most profitable technique!!) avoiding entry all together rather than forcing it.
Interestingly, it is a great tribute to the effectiveness of 'harmonic' trading in general that I am solidly profitable, given this is in theory my 10th month of trading with this approach. So, you can see why I am so interested in refining my techniques, and getting more background."
Jeff F.

"Further to your announcement (Jim's note: the announcement about ending the members' service), I thought I'd drop you a quick note after the 'first thrust' e-mails to thank you for your dedicated work and for giving me extended access to the archives. I now feel like I know you way beyond your being the author of a series of trading books.
Yes, the books are a great foundation for learning the skills to understand and structure your methodology, however, your Trading Commentary and Archives go much further than I would have thought and are an amazing guide to the application of that methodology in a remote mentoring process. The Trading Commentary is as close to having a master teacher with me as I could imagine. So, thank you for making the personal sacrifices to put out a great service and sticking with it as long as you have.
Because I am still in a full-time career and not yet a full-time trader, I have been using your Trading Commentary to learn the 'trader walk' and to gradually position myself for the inevitable transition to trading. Having now read quite a few Archive commentaries, I feel as though I will miss that aspect of your teaching personality the most. They are simply outstanding! Please keep me in mind as you restructure the services going forward."
Stan W.
Aspiring full-time trader

"What a day!! You could use this chart as a text for ABCD patterns. I am on my second read of the Four 'New' ABCD Pattern Variations book, and it is great to see the practical value of these ABCD patterns. These patterns are unbelievable. I feel like I have a lot more to learn, but I have learned so much already! Thank you for sharing these patterns."
"I wanted you to know how amazing your work is. Think about it, how many trading books have you read over the weekend and applied the methods the next trading day. Not only that, but that chart had 3 different ABCD patterns on it, if I am not mistaken. Now I am not as well read as you but this has never happened to me before. Not only that, but look at the 13-min chart I sent you. More ABCD's!!
You see, Jim, I am used to trading with 5-6 different stochastic indicators, and fancy colored bars that tell you when the trend SHOULD end. I feel like I got a get out of jail free card trading the ABCD's WITH the trend. So sure, use it if you want (Jim's note: I asked if I could use his comments for a testimonial). I don't know how much it will help you, people hear what they what. You don't tell them they can make a million in 6 months, you have no fancy colored indicators, but what you do have are some very learnable techniques that WORK quite well."
"I have been thinking about what you said about the books (Jim's note: this is in reference to my lowering the price for a group of fifty-three books I was selling from my personal trading library) and I have come to the conclusion that you are so right. The price of $400 dollars is more than a great deal for the entire set. I have decided, however, that I am going to concentrate on the 11 books (of yours) that I have.
I cannot tell you how happy I am with the work that you have put together. I would like to tell you why. I have never really had a trading plan before. I have bought many systems before, and spent many thousands on my trading education. But never have I bought a set of books that prepared me for every aspect trading. From the PTA, to the entry, to management, and exits. It is all covered. I now have a complete trading plan. That is an extremely good feeling. No more doubt. No more questions. Just follow the extremely well thought out trading plan.
Another thing that I like about the Kane methodology is that it is applicable to ANY chart. I feel liberated. I see ABCD's everywhere! From oil to gold to the indices. Have you taken a look at a Nikkei 225 chart lately? WOW. So, although I love books, I will have to pass on this great deal. I will read and re-read, and then read again the set of 11 of books that you have written, and then I will sign up for the mentorship. I think that for me this would be a better allocation of resources."
"Sorry to keep bothering you with my charts. I am still amazed at the way that the ABCD and Median Line Synergy works day after day. No one else would understand the beauty of this chart but the creator of its tools. Look at the way that the ABCD and the Median Line merge at the high of the day. See how all the ABCD corrections converge with either the Median Line or a warning line of one of your adjusted sets? See how well the price 'sees' the larger red Median Line on the bottom. This is only the Median Line and ABCD work. It does not include the fib work. I am still learning, but I would like to thank you for sharing your work. It is truly a thing of beauty."
"The adjusted median lines, the fib numbers that no one else is looking at, the multiple ABCD targets, the entry techniques, oh, and that trailing stop!! There should be a law against it!! Yeah, it's OK, you deserve a swelled head. You are the real deal. The most complete set of trading books ever written. Pat yourself on the back."
"I enjoyed our conversation last night, also. I learned quite a bit from that session that we had last night, some of which I have already put to work! You have a profound knowledge of the markets and you communicate it in a way that a rookie like me can understand. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. You can use any comments that you like. I really meant what I said, your work is the best that I have seen, and your style of writing and teaching makes it easy for anyone to understand."
"Thanks for the chart! I love getting charts from you! I always learn something! I never thought to look for ABCD's. I thought that this was too small of a timeframe to produce any sizable move (Jim's note: this is in regards to an intraday chart I sent him). From the looks of your chart, I have been mistaken. These are the two trades that I took today. When I see stuff like this I have to take my hat off to you. I really don't know why all of your books are not sold out!! The .886 and the (deleted, sorry) in conjunction with the ABCD and the Median lines. I love it!! Before I received your books I never traded with Fibs or Median lines. My goal was to get 2 ES points a day. Now look at me, the last trade was over 10 points!
I read on the (deleted) forum how traders are having trouble with exits and trade management. I feel extremely lucky to have a teacher like you who has dissected every aspect of the trade. The commentaries (Jim's note: members' archive) are simply amazing. Your attention to detail and your ability to convey the material continues to amaze me. Oh, I wanted to tell you that one of the comments that you made when we talked on the phone has really helped me. You said "Always look for multiple scenarios." This comment helped me keep an open mind and not get locked into what I think the market 'should' do. This has been very valuable advice for me."
Duane M.

"I read your first two books and I have to say that I'm really impressed. I really like very much both your methodical approach to trading and to teaching others. I have read about 200 books on the subject and yours really stand out."
"Your customer focus simply amazes me. It's difficult to imagine for me, how a busy, high profile trader and writer like you can remember about a small customer from overseas like me ? Coming back to your book set I'm now finishing 'Trailing Stops'. I'm strictly following your advice regarding the order in which the whole set should be read and I think it was a good idea to post it. I agree with you that one needs to read the books a few times in order to get the full understanding and that's exactly what I'm planning to do.
I have to say that I simply LOVE your books. I wish I could have read them long ago because I think that with this knowledge anybody could become successful at any markets. And the more I read the more I feel that you really care about me - your reader becoming a successful trader."
"I have just finished my first reading of your book set. This is outstanding! This is awesome! You are the Man! When I tried to play with Median Lines on historic data from our local exchange it simply knocked my socks off. It is difficult to find a chart where you can't find it working! This knowledge should be prohibited! Your work should be used as a final and definitive refutation of the random walk theory :-) I was trying to find something negative for feedback (I believe it's difficult to improve when one gets only positive feedback, and you get tons of it) but I failed... I really don't know how to thank you."
Jarek P.
Aspiring trader, Poland

"I have purchased at least 100 books and at least 10 courses that cost over $1000.00 each, AND none of those made a single mention of your median line technique."
"I did place 3 cash trades last week in my FOREX account using your Advanced Fib book technique of trading with the trend. 3 winners. Nailed the entry each time. I most certainly will keep in mind about using your mentor services. I'm very pleased with my purchase so far. Thanks again."
"I like it when I finish a book and I don't have to take a lot of notes. I went straight to the computer and paper traded 10 examples fairly quickly. Easy to spot. Easy to trade. I agree with you, a good low risk trade that puts an edge in your favor. Gosh, when I'm scrolling through the charts, you've created such a nice set of patterns to look for. If the continuation pattern doesn't set up, then, maybe the ABCD pattern will setup. Or, a trade off the median line/trendline. I am really very pleased with my purchase."
"...over the past few hours of looking at charts, your book definitely helped get me 'IN on the TREND' much more so than I ever was. It also just seems to help me to stay focused on trading in the right direction much more than I usually do. Another impressive writing effort on your part. Thanks for sharing."
"No need to write back much on these e-mails. I'm just excited that you wrote something that works for me, too. Finished the entry techniques book (great book), and now I'm on page 3 of the last book- trailing stops. Be sure and put me on your email list when you finish your next book."
"You don't need to waste your valuable time responding to this email, but I do want you to know that your exit strategies book is also another excellent book, in my opinion."
"I originally wrote you an email -- it said that I had purchased 4 books, and now I wanted to purchase the rest of the set. You replied that if I liked the first 4 books, that I'd like the rest of the books 10 times more. Jim, I have to admit, I didn't believe you. I was hoping that I'd like them at least half as much. But, now, after reading them, I think 21 times (a fib #) would be more accurate.
I don't know what else to say except thank you, thank you, thank you for writing your book series. Keep writing and I'll keep buying them.
In a few weeks, after I digest all this information I'd like to buy some conversation time with you. As of right now, the books were so good, I don't have any questions."
John H.

"I have read all your books twice and some of them even three times, and even though you may hear this often I can't say enough about the educational and practical value that you have put on display here. There is nothing comparable out there. As you know I have been using median lines prior to studying your material, but I always felt that I needed something extra to use with median lines. Your work is exactly that, and I look for nothing else when attempting a trade."
Michael R.

"I just wanted to thank you for writing your books. I finished the entire set and learned a lot. I appreciate your single-minded explorations of Patterns and Fibonacci ratios, and the new developments you've made. Your focused and detailed descriptions have given me clarity on many concepts, such as Context, Multiple Timeframes, and much more. I also appreciate you giving the reader a comprehensive system in which to trade.
I would describe the books as a cross between a journal and a workbook, where, like a journal, you not only give us your impressions and analyses, but also communicate your thought processes. This is helpful because you don't just give us the results, but give us a way of thinking. At the same time, the books are also like a workbook, where you take us through step by step, yet direct us to work through the examples on our own, so we see the entire system unfold.
My favorite book was Median Line and Fibonacci Synergy, and one of my favorite things about it was how you broke the median line rules when you found something that worked, and you found something that worked because you were willing to break the rules. I think that's what made the biggest impression on me."
Chuck C.

"I have completed reading your 'Book Set' and was greatly impressed with your:
1) genius, creativity, and trading ability
2) dedication to quality and detail in your writing and book production
3) teaching ability
4) ability to reduce a lot of what I call the 'Art' part of trading to written description, and a lot more.
I love your work! I am sure you are 'keeping up the good work'. I have read the following books:
Title Abbreviation Number of Times
I have Read the
Book Completely
Rereads In Progress
Advanced Fibonacci Trading Concepts AFTC 5
Entry Techniques ET 1 1
Trading ABCD Patterns TAP 3
Trailing Stops TS 1 1
Multiple Timeframes and 'Context' MTAC 1 1
Trade Management TM 1 1
A Totally New 5-Point Pattern TNFP 3
Four 'New' ABCD Pattern Variations FNAP 3
Median Line and Fibonacci Synergy MLFS 2 1
The 4-Point Continuation Pattern TFCP 3
A Pattern Trade Entry Technique PTET 3

I am planning to reread those books of your set that I have only read once, ASAP. After that is done, I plan on rereading your book set 'continuously' until I master all the material you presented. Your works and writings have completely redirected my thinking about trading. Good Trading and thank you for writing these books and sharing your thoughts."... "You are certainly a bright light in the world, trading and otherwise, and I hope you continue to guide people for a long, long time."
Albert K.
Aspiring trader

"The forum is really great. There are so many things I discover when other people post their charts. When you show a picture for two people (chart) they see different things. And on top of that have the author himself giving away his thoughts for free. Where can anyone find such a place more than at the Kane Trading forum!
Every time I see price land right at your fib numbers I just wonder how many hours you must have spent to find them, validate them, and retry them again before using them and print them in your books!!
The methodology will never be computerized, there is too much 'art part' and experience behind it, especially with the lines, so I don't think you have to be afraid of that. And, of course, I realize what a journey I have to do, to be a couple of percent of the capacity you have.
I am one of them who will miss your weekly commentary really much, but I think you do the right thing, life is too short...
I will look forward to the monthly commentary instead."
"It is sad that I didn't find your website much earlier, it would had saved me a lot of hours. I hope people out there realize the fantastic work you have put together. It takes a lot of hours to learn, but like any profession you won't be a master overnight. Probably it takes years to learn so much that you can say I am fairly good in trading. My trading plan for now is only from two writers, Jim 90% and (name removed) 10%. By the way my trading account is slowly growing for the first time, and that is what the books are for, I suppose! The problem is that I think the chartwork is so fun that I almost forget about trading sometimes!"
Mats F.
Trader, Sweden

"I've finished my first (of what I'm sure will ultimately become many reads) of all the books.
Wow! You are a very original thinker. I love the way you've combined "harmonicity", patterns and ML sets to create low risk trading ideas. I also like the way you let your profits run. You have presented so many new ideas to me that it's a bit like drinking out of the proverbial fire hose. Trust me, that's a very good thing for me. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I know this was a conscious decision and you could have just as easily kept everything for your own personal use. .
While I have much, much work ahead of me, I would like to begin accessing the forum as soon as possible.
Thanks again for sharing all of this knowledge!"
Peter E.

"I purchased the Kane Trading book set in May 2007. I have found your work truly fascinating and fun to learn. What I like most is how the material is presented and to the point, no mumbo jumbo. Its not material you can find at the book store...
I was wondering if you are still accepting mentorship applications anytime soon?...
I can not really explain why I like the material other than it fascinates me and makes me want to work with charts. It has been awhile since I could read and re-read books. Usually when I get a book I scan through it and put it on my book shelf. With your books they sit on my table and I read them every chance I get. It's amazing how your Fibonacci numbers find support and resistance."
"Can't wait for your next commentary. I think I checked your site 15 times for the last one to be posted. Like always, your work is amazing."
Jeremy R.

"I have now read though all the books. I really like your methodology, and the books were really something special. I've read a lot of trading books, and I've learned so much more from your books than in all the other books I've read as far as things I can use in my trading plan and the whole process of trading. I look forward to continuing the study of this methodology, and in a few months I will most likely buy access to the member's archive because I'm sure I will learn a lot from going through all your commentaries in there."
Bjorn S.
Trader, Norway

"I've read all your 9 books and 2 Articles. And, well, I don't know what to say!
Is this the same market I was trading? Are those the same charts I was looking at? What I've read and learned is just fascinating. I see the market in a totally different way. I'm glad you are selling only the complete set.
I don't say I became an expert now, but I can feel the change in my knowledge and my ideas about 'trading'.
I know it took me longer than I expected to finish reading the books. This is because I got extra busy with my job for a while. And, when I am learning something new I stop reading and get busy with the charts. Anyway, the 2nd round shouldn't be as long.
Thanks for sharing those ideas and discoveries."
Fawaz K.
Trader, Saudi Arabia

"I find your books really packed with useful information. The second time through I learned a lot more. Once I had a basic grasp of the material I picked up a lot more the second time around. I am really glad I bought your book set :-)"
"I really love the books. In my opinion it is the best stuff on trading I ever read. I really like the way you 'talk' in the books explaining what is going on and your thoughts. It puts a lot in perspective which is very different from other material I have read. For me the most important part of the books, and what I like best is the thought process involved. Following a mechanical strategy is one thing, learning to think and understand what is actually occurring, and why, is absolutely invaluable. The books opened up an entirely new world for me as far as looking at the charts. I guess you could say the light went on.
I have not been trading live. What I have been doing is going back through all the books and creating a check sheet if you will. I go through each chapter and create a list to follow while trading. This way I can follow and learn without developing any bad habits, or doing one thing because I did not quite remember it properly, instead of what you actually taught. I am slow as far as typing which is taking me a little time, but I want the list on my computer and a hard copy so I can review it as needed, and have room to write. This way I can make notes, and go back to the books for clarification, changing the 'check sheet' easily as my understanding due to experience increases, and as I discover other countless 'gems' in the books.
I have the books on my night stand. I read and have reviewed them daily since they have arrived.
What trading I have done, in demo accounts only, has opened my eyes. Since I am new to trading I decided to focus on one area of the markets before expanding into other areas. My focus has been on Forex. My experience has been so far that your method allows me to take more pips out of the market per given trade than other methods. I get into the trades earlier gaining more pips out of the move, and maximize the 'run' without over staying the move or bailing out too quickly. I have had some difficulty due to inexperience which will be remedied with time. I would take a trade on one pattern which would not work out, only to realize later I traded against a larger pattern which I did not recognize at the time, even though I looked for it. When I would review the trade at a later date, after the larger pattern completed, I could easily see what I did wrong. This is actually what I like best about your books, now I can recognize and understand much better what is actually happening, where before I did not have this understanding.
I would like to work with you. After reading your material I would be a fool not to..."
Joel D.
Aspiring trader

"First, allow me to thank you for sharing with us your knowledge and experience in such a coherent way. I still haven't applied to practice any of the material in your books, so I can't comment on the setups per se, but I can definitely say that you did a superb job explaining the material. I have read a few trading books, and yours surpass them all by far in conveying your ideas step-by-step and tackling them from different perspectives. The fact that you have decided to publish an edge that appears to be making money for you, is worthy of admiration on its own.
If I had to divide your material into two groups, they would probably be:
A) recognizing PTA's, and
B) making PTA-based trading decisions.
It's A that I find more challenging. In my own trading in (country withheld by request), I am used to making context analysis and managing the trade discretionarily, so I am not intimidated by the ambiguity of part B. It's the lack of background in Fibonacci or Elliott Wave techniques that makes it difficult for me to recognize and assess patterns on charts as they unfold. Therefore, my next objective would be analyzing charts, and assessing the harmonicity of the issue at the given time with all the retracements, projections, and ML's.
As I am solely a day trader (my trading plan for this year), I will be focusing on analyzing 3-5 min charts with 13-15 min context of DAX futures - the same way that you do with the mini S&P, to my understanding. One of the many ABCD patterns that you list in your books (plus the four point pattern) in the direction of the traded timeframe trend, will serve as a a trigger to start analyzing the chart. I think that there will be much more value to phone support, after I feel comfortable with the above."
David K.

"By the way - thanks for the whole book set. I've spent the last six months on reading them, making the notes, rewriting the notes, creating my trading plan and that was a really enlightening experience. I think this is the most comprehensive set of knowledge about Fibonacci geometry... I think that context analysis, proper entry techniques and effective trade management were the areas that many of us, usual pattern traders, were ignoring and concentrating just on the PTA analysis instead. This book set resolves all those issues, motivates to do the hard work and gives a lot of ideas how the complete trading plan should look like.
II also tried to divide everything into some kind of short procedures executed during all the phases of the trade and based on your books created some kind of a Trade Template that could be used as a set of guidelines for myself as a beginner. I included that as the attachment to this email. This is just a general outlook and there's more behind those plus (+) signs after the main points (every technique is a set of check lists that need to be executed (or are optional), just like in the Entry Technique example). I hope all of them will become more automatic but I understand that it requires much more experience.
And I also hope that someday in the future I'll be able to give something back in return for all that knowledge and all your work you have done in this area but at this moment I'm just learning, doing the hard work and I know that there's still a long road to go."
Marcin L.
Trader, Poland

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