Book: Kane Trading on: Advanced Fibonacci Trading Concepts
Due to the number of requests that I have received, I have decided to offer a limited 'introductory' phone support program. At this time I will be offering a four hour phone support package that can be purchased as part of the entire book package, for the additional price of just one hundred dollars.
This is a very nominal price for this type of phone support. Please check out the mentorship program page to get an idea of more typical prices for one-on-one support with me. I have decided to offer this to help out those buyers of the book series that feel they just want a little more assistance with the material. This program will not be available as a separate purchase, it will only be available as an add-on with a full book set purchase. If you have already purchased a full set and have an interest in this program, please contact me and I'll set it up for you.
I need to make it perfectly clear what this phone support entails, and what it isn't about. First off, and most importantly, it is strictly educational. Since I am not a registered investment advisor (or a registered anything), I can't give any kind of 'advice' of any kind. I can't discuss particular trades that you might be in, or in any way advise you of what to do in any particular situation. What I can do is discuss my material and methodology from an educational standpoint.
We can look at charts and discuss them, and I can explain how I look at particular situations from the standpoint of my methodology. Any topics, within the 'context' of my methodology, should be fair game, as long as they are discussed from an educational perspective, in terms of how I view various situations. At no point should anything that is discussed ever be viewed as 'advice', nor will any claims of any kind be made or implied about the methodology.
There will be a few conditions for this program. The first thing is that I will not be rendering the phone support until after the books are read. Next, it is key that the student come to the discussion with questions. This is not designed for me to lecture or present material. It is designed for me to answer questions that the student may have about the material. I have found that some people really absorb the material well, but there is a lot of it, and questions still arise. The ability to ask me the questions first hand, one-on-one, can perhaps be invaluable.
Finally, I prefer to break the support into two sessions of two hours each, whenever the student is ready. I am not firm on breaking up the support in this manner, and special arrangements may be able to be made, but this cannot be guaranteed. The standard procedure is for me to have the student call me at a pre-arranged time, which will be outside of market hours. Please note that the support purchase will 'expire' four months from the purchase date, unless other arrangements have been agreed to in writing.
I want it to be understood that my motivation here is to help serious students who are new to my methodology. The price I am charging for this level of support is so nominal that it surely isn't the motivation for my offering this. I'm not saying, by any stretch, that I'm being altruistic here, or anything of that sort. I just want it to be clear that I priced this as low as I possibly could justify, to get those limited number of students that just need some one-on-one the help they really want.
This also gives students who are considering the mentorship program the chance to work with me one-on-one, and see if they like my ability to help them. This way they can see if there is the kind of rapport they want before further considering that program. Be assured, though, this is not a way for me to 'line up' prospective mentorship students and give them the 'hard sell'.
The support will be solely for the student to ask me questions, not for me to try to sell anything. I only take on a limited numbers of mentorship students, and I don't try to 'sell' the program whatsoever. It is a very specific program that is designed to take students to the next level, and I fully understand that it is not for everyone, and that not everyone wants to make that type of commitment to his or her trading career. So don't worry, the phone support is nothing but just that.
If this program sounds like it can be of help to you, please select the appropriate package button on the books page, and I'll contact you to discuss the arrangements.
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