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Welcome to the Remote Support Page
I offer standalone remote support in a limited way, under specific circumstances. Once in awhile there is a person who does not want to do a full mentorship, but would like to work with me for perhaps ten or twenty hours on specific issues, like PTA work, or management work, and so on. In that event I may be willing (subject to some of the same screening I use for mentoring) to work with this person.
In a way I think this is not a very cost effective approach, since I need to work on QCharts (and do all the setup and configuration of that), have a small utility program installed and configured, have GoToMyPC set up and configured, have the voice communication all ironed out, and any issues with all that technology addressed and corrected. This is not going to be 'on my dime', so to speak. In a sense it's like a cab ride. You pay the meter drop regardless. That's not so bad if you are going across town. If you are going a tenth of a mile, it's proportionately quite substantial.
Nonetheless, if someone feels that this is still the best approach for them, I will consider this option. Hence, this page. It is basically identical to the mentorship approach as far as terms, how it is done, technology, and so on, just less time, and on topics of the student's choice. I will lay all the terms out here, again, for convenience.
The cost for remote support is as follows (if you are expecting to do more than two or three blocks of support you should consider the more cost effective mentorship option):
  • 10-hour blocks of remote support, priced at $1,650.

Please contact Jim if you want to sign up for remote support, or if you have additional questions. Before contacting Jim, though, please read this FAQ about mentoring, as the same thing applies to standalone remote support.
There are a few terms specific to this program:
Payment must be made in advance in the form of a wire transfer to my bank account for the full amount. I cannot accept cashier's checks, credit union checks, money orders, credit cards, PayPal, or any other form of payment for this program.
All training is done only on QCharts. QCharts basic version 6 must be installed and tested, as I require this program for teaching. Don't worry if you do not know how to use it, as I will do most of the 'driving' to start and you can see how it works (it is very user-friendly). You will also be required to install a small utility program that works with QCharts, and confirm that it is operational (opens up when you click on it), before we start. Instructions for this will be given once payment is made.
You will need to sign up for a GoToMyPC account. The monthly fee is only $11.95 at last check, with cheaper yearly plans available. They also have a 30-day free trial.
I have students call me at the agreed upon time. You need a good phone, preferably a speakerphone or headset, as it is difficult to work holding a phone in one hand. (I highly recommend a Sennheiser PC 350. It's expensive, but it usually ends the nightmare of bad communications. You don't want to be paying me good money and have it spent dealing with communication issues instead of working.) The connection must be clear, and it is up to the student to resolve any issues in this regard. If you have phone issues I will not be able to work until they are resolved. I need full and complete concentration to do this work, and I don't have any extra energy to battle phone issues. I bring this up because I have had people come to the table with very bad equipment, and even insist I must change my setup. You must be able to 'handle' my phone, which is a high-quality conferencing phone that most have no issue with, but a few, with bad equipment on their end, have said the volume is low for them.
Many students use Skype to call my landline phone. This is very cost effective for overseas clients. You must be able to call my landline number. I do not have Skype and don't work on Skype (Skype to Skype, I mean). I have found Skype acceptable for Skype to phone use.
You need a good broadband connection, and not from a satellite provider. The 'lag time' makes using GoToMyPC almost impossible in my experience. It is also absolutely terrible if you try to use Skype phone with it.
There will be a 25% cancellation fee. Cancellations made within 7 days of our first scheduled session time (or once any support has been used such as setup time, email or phone prep time, etc.) will forfeit the entire cost of the support paid for. There are no refunds if you decide not to continue the support (if you don't feel like you can follow through with the sessions, or that you have potential personal issues that may crop up in your life that would not allow you to finish the sessions, please do not sign up for support). If, for some unforeseen reason, I am unable to continue, a pro-rated refund will be given for the remaining balance. All computer, Internet, QCharts, utility program, data, GoToMyPC, regular phone and long distance/Skype charges, and all other such expenses are the responsibility of the student. The support costs are for the one-on-one sessions and any phone/email support time (if applicable), up to the designated total hourly allotment for the support purchased.
Please note that additional blocks of remote support (i.e. 'ongoing or additional mentoring') purchased will 'expire' four months from the purchase date, unless other arrangements have been agreed to in writing.
Students will be required to sign an extensive non-disclosure agreement before starting. This document is available to look over or have your attorney look over before you make any final decisions (myself, if I were doing remote support, I would not be able to make an informed decision until I knew what I would have to agree to, hence this is available beforehand). Please understand, though, I am not going to send this out to anyone who emails me asking for a copy. No financial commitment needs to be made first to get a copy, but you do have to have passed the 'admissions test' and be an acceptable candidate, and at the decision making stage. At that point I will be happy to send this out to you if you want to look it over first.
At no time will any specific trade recommendations be made or discussed. This remote support work is purely educational. Additionally, no performance claims of any kind will be made about any trading.
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