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Please note, new update: Due to the almost constant requests I am getting for access to the members' archive I have decided to make this available for those that want an interim step between the book set and doing a full mentorship.
I have given this a lot of thought, and decided to offer the access at the lowest possible price I could, based on my evaluation of the depth and quantity of material. My immediate thought, right off, was that it is even more valuable than the books, given it is at the highest level, filled with almost endless timely examples that were posted in advance, in the recent market. I feel, in looking back, that the subscription price was way too low for the level of material offered and the number of postings.
The full year, which of course was offered as things unfolded at the time, was about $1,200. The archive access is going to be priced at two-thirds that cost. If I had priced the membership at $199.95 (which I feel would have been more realistic), then the archive is only going to cost one-third the 'real-time' cost. Anyone who has been in the members' area will tell you just how much material is in there, and the level it is at.
There are about 1,400 charts in there, built up over a full year, with more commentary than I can even believe I wrote. It ranges from daily setups in stocks, currencies, gold, silver, treasuries, grains, energies, and so on, all the way down to short-term intraday mini setups, with just about everything in between. The focus is always on how I set up and interpret the action, not on the issue itself. There are setup techniques, management issues, entry triggers, reading of price action and flow concepts, intermarket analysis, and on and on.
The archive is an incredible additional resource for studying the Kane Trading methodology, either as a bridge to the mentorship, or for those that are not in a position to do a mentorship, but want more above and beyond the books. I had no intention to offer this up outside of the mentorship program, but I am getting a serious number of requests, and I feel it is unfair to tell these people who are asking for additional material that I will not give them a chance to utilize this resource.
I feel the price I have chosen is very, very fair, and still prices the material high enough so that it retains it value as an add-on to the mentorship program. As it is, this value added to the mentorship came with no increase in the price of the program, which I am starting to give some though to. As as added 'incentive', I will make the following offer, for the time being: If you purchase access to the archive and follow up within six months with a mentorship, I will credit the cost for the archive towards the price of the mentorship. Now, how is that for fair?
The access to the archive will extend for six months, and you can go into the members' area as you want for this time period. You will be assigned a user name and password that will be good for the period. The archive will not be offered on CD or in any other format; it is a protected website area that you can go into as you see fit. You can then single copy whatever material you want for your own personal studies and use.
Please understand that the purchase is basically a single-use access license for a six month period, and can not be shared with anyone else. I monitor all access, and have software that will automatically delete any user who logs in from two locations, or from multiple ISP's from the same location. Violation of the user agreement is grounds for termination of the access, with no refund of any kind. I ask that everyone who purchases access to the archive respect this aspect of the agreement.
Lastly, as I was answering requests for access I got one reply that finally pushed me over the edge, and made me decide to make this offering. As we discussed this, I mentioned that I think the archive is even more valuable than the books, at least at the underpriced cost I have them at right now. One mentor student has told me I'd be crazy to price access at under $1,000, or even a bit higher than that.
In this back and forth discussion with the person who was asking for access I received this reply: "Jim, not knowing the material but having confidence in what you have laid out in your books and the integrity you have, I am prepared to offer $1,000. I am also happy for you to come back to me in the future, within reason, if you feel you have sold this too cheaply, and pay any difference." This person was the first to purchase access to the archive, and I offered it at a price less than he was willing to pay (I guess I am crazy?).
The point is, this offering is based on my knowledge of the level of work offered in my books and in this archive, the value I perceive it to have, and the buyer's evaluation of the type and quality of work I offer up. I want to feel good about everything I offer up, and I want to feel that, in my mind, the buyer will get a great value for his or her money.
My opinion is that the material in the archive is the best of the best of my work, and given that a lot of it was done 'before the fact', day in and day out, it offers an insight on the unfolding application of the methodology that goes well beyond the techniques, as laid out in the books. I think it is an excellent resource to continue your trading education in the Kane Trading methodology.
Six months of access to Jim's Trading
Commentary (Gold Level) full year archive:

Please note: At this time membership is no longer available, in order to shift time
and energy to the mentorship program. Access to a full year of members'
commentary, consisting of almost 1,400 charts with individual commentary on
each, is available as part of the mentorship program.

Due to the number of requests that I have received, I have decided to create a members section, starting with one subscription choice, and possibly following up down the line with other options. It may turn out that one subscription option is completely adequate, but until I see, over time, what the member needs may be I can't make any informed decisions in this regard.
Now, why am I making this decision to finally start a members section at this time (February 1, 2005)? It was something I intended to do shortly after launching the Kane Trading website, but I also intended to just write a few books. It turned out that I had a lot more to say than I had realized, and I got caught up in trying to get it all out. That process is done and I've had some rest.
I've cut the free commentary back from originally every day, to twice per week, finally to once per week now, as I had planned. My intention with that commentary was to provide material so those that wanted to investigate my methodology and make an informed decision about buying my books could do the necessary research. I now have an immense number of archived commentaries available for that purpose, with a new one added every week.
My other purpose with the commentary was to add some support for the book buyers. I have come to realize that the free commentary format is not the best way to do that. I have to be very careful about how much I say in the free commentary, or I'd be 'giving away the store'. I'm forever saying how even though it took me six charts and eight pages in word processor format to do the commentary, I still barely touched the surface of what I'm looking at.
I try to make the free commentary very detailed and high quality, and I've developed quite a following. I have heard over and over how crazy it is for me to give all that away, and do all that work for free. I've come to agree. If I could do a short, simple commentary that may be fine, but I don't do anything short or simple it seems. I've wanted to say a lot more in the commentary, but then what is the purpose of having written the books and articles?
I try to show a lot, but not everything, and not the best, key material. It's been a difficult balancing act at best. It started to make sense to me to create a subscription service where I could post what I am looking at and how I am applying my techniques to various situations, and do it without worrying about the level of detail that I lay out. I see many, many things of interest, usually on a daily or multiple times a day basis.
I was thinking how it would be nice to have a place where I could post interesting charts and setups that I am watching or managing, especially in a much more timely fashion than I could with a once per week free commentary. I could also use a setup from this work, albeit not in as great of detail, for the free commentary, which would reduce the time required for that.
My main concern with this offering is that it doesn't add an immense workload to my schedule, one that is not commensurate with what I would be getting out of it. For me, I need a lot more than the somewhat nominal amount of money I would actually take in. I need a reasonable monetary compensation for doing this, but I need more than that, too.
I like the idea of a venue where I could really put out the best setups that I am watching in advance, as well as applying my methodology from start to finish, for my most serious customers. Those that have the books and even are students of mine, or are considering becoming a student. I could take the charts and setups that I am already putting together for myself, and discuss them with my usual straight-up, no punches pulled approach, for those that find my methodology useful to them.
The emphasis will be on education and my application of the Kane Trading methodology. This will not be a 'picking service' where I will tell anyone what to buy or sell, or what to do. I will not attempt to 'predict' the market. I will show various setups on just about every timeframe, in any instrument I find a setup on, from stocks, stock indices, futures of all kinds, to the FX market.
I will show many setups in advance, with my thoughts on what I am watching for, what I see in the price action, how I am applying the methodology, and how I might be managing the trade. I will also point out some setups after the fact if they have some educational value with regard to an idea that I want to convey. All in all it will be somewhat like the free commentary, but with more before the fact setups, much more detail, and much more frequent postings.
I will post when I find something worth posting, or want to update something that is already being followed. This may be multiple times per day, or whenever I have something I feel is worth posting. There will not be a set schedule. Right now the plan is to have a scrolling format, much like the free commentary, but with new additions added to the top, like the What's New page. At the start of each new week I will archive the past week and start a fresh page.
I will start with one service called Jim's Trading Commentary (Gold Level). The 'Gold Level' option will allow me to offer higher or lower level services down the line if such services are merited. The main difference would be on the amount and level of commentary made available.
At this point I don't even want to think about other variations until I see how the current plan works out. I don't really want to offer a trimmed down version, as my main motivation with this service is to be able to 'cut loose' and really put my best thoughts out there. The next thing I know, people are asking for a cheaper version with the best thoughts cut out. That defeats the whole purpose.
I want to offer this service so those that really like what I have to say and feel that I can help them with their trading education have an ongoing educational option. I don't want to give that away for some ridiculously low price, and hope to sign lots and lots of subscribers. I want to put my best thoughts and charts out there for a reasonable price, and have a following of serious people who feel they will benefit from my work. If that sounds reasonable, then perhaps this service is for you.
The price for a month of Jim's Trading Commentary (Gold Level) will be $99.95. I will not be offering any yearly or package deals because I don't want to make that type of commitment until I have a handle on how well all this will work for me from a time standpoint.
I would prefer PayPal for payment, and I will accept international PayPal for this service. PayPal also offers automatic renewal options for those that want to sign up and just be renewed each month automatically until such time as they choose to cancel that. I have two PayPal buttons below, one for a single month purchase and one that says 'subscription', which will automatically renew you on a monthly basis. If you would like to pay by another means, please contact me.
I think this is going to be a very fulfilling service for all concerned, and I'm excited to be doing it. It was getting a little boring for me with the books done and the free commentary cut back to once a week. I find all these amazing things and I really like to share them with those that appreciate all the hard work and development that I have done.
Lastly, let me throw a few disclaimer items out there before you sign up. First, all the regular Kane Trading Disclaimers, Terms & Conditions, and Policies apply to the members area, too (obviously!). I also need to re-emphasize that this is not a picking service. I will not be doing any recommendations whatsoever, in keeping with my policy of never telling anyone else what to do under any circumstances.
I must also point out that it is possible, or even likely, that I may actually be planning on trading something mentioned in advance in the commentary, as may my friends, family, and associates of Kane Trading. I may discuss issues that I could have an open, active position in. Since I want my discussion to have no effect on the market I do not want it to be known specifically when I am in a position, or what the position size may be.
I will not disclose when a trade is an actual live trade of mine or any friend, family, or Kane Trading associate, or when it is a 'paper trade' done solely for the purpose of the commentary. I will refer to all the 'trades' in the same manner in the commentary, in such a way that they could be of any variation of the above. This will keep the emphasis where it is intended for this service, and that is on the educational aspects of learning my methodology to see if it is of any use to you in developing your own unique 'Trading Plan'.
If this does not make sense to you, or you disagree with the format, please do not sign up for the service. You will be required to check a box saying that you understand and agree to the above before you will be able to log in to your subscription. If this all sounds good to you, I'll see you soon in the members area.
Jim's Trading Commentary (Gold Level)
Monthly subscription: $99.95
Jim's Trading Commentary (Gold Level)
Monthly subscription, automatic renewal:

(You can sign up any time of the month, and your
subscription will simply run monthly from the sign up
date. PayPal will automatically deduct the payment
each month on or about the initial day of the month
that the subscription was created on. This is not a
'commitment', and you can cancel any time you want
before the next payment.)
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