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Due to the number of requests that I have received, I have decided to put the archived Kane Trading commentary on CD, in Microsoft Word format, and make it available for those that want it all in one easy to access local source. The CD will cover the archive from the launch of Kane Trading in November of 2003 until the end of December 2004. When 2005 wraps up I will do a 2005 CD and make that available.
The 2003-2004 CD will have one hundred and thirty nine commentaries, many in the seven to eight page range and four to six charts each. That's over six hundred charts in total! No more working your way through the endless web pages to study all the commentary. If you want it all in one place, on one CD that you can easily load onto your hard drive and organize in any manner that you want, in easy to read Microsoft Word format, you can now have it. The people spoke, and I listened.
I want to mention that these will be the original Word formatted commentaries that I wrote with the same charts that are on the website. There may be some minor differences in the text, punctuation, grammar, or spelling here and there, though. From time to time I have found small errors and corrected them on the website, but didn't go back to the original Word documents at that point to update the changes there, as it just didn't seem necessary. Also, the hot links aren't 'hot', they are just underlined. I want to mention this here in the interest of 'full disclosure'. I doubt anyone would have even noticed stuff like this, but I am such a perfectionist I just had to bring it up.
I think this is an unbelievable amount of information, probably approaching eight hundred to a thousand pages (I don't know exactly, I haven't counted them all up) and six hundred charts, for such a nominal amount of money. I want it to be clear, though, that every last one of these commentaries is available free on the Kane Trading website. The purpose of this CD is to save you valuable time poring through the archives for what you want to study.
In this Microsoft Word on CD format you can do searches, easily print, organize them in whatever manner best helps you, and so on. I am making this available because I was asked if I would do so. As I put this together, though, I saw just how much information is there, and how valuable I feel it really is. I hope it makes a solid contribution to your learning.
Lastly, I want to mention that I am not having this 'professionally done'. I am burning these myself. They won't have fancy professional labeling or fancy cases or anything like that (although I think the label I'm putting on them does look pretty cool). I am not trying to make a 'business' out of selling these CD's. I'm just trying to help people out, and be fairly compensated for my time and hard work in developing all this material and making it available. My focus is on making the material available for easy study, and not on 'looking slick'. If you've followed me for a while, I'm sure you will appreciate this.
The price will include shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. If you are outside the continental U.S. please contact me to make shipping arrangements.
Kane Trading Commentary Archive,
Nov '03 - Dec '04, on CD: $39.95
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