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Feb 6, 2016- Hey, all, yes, I am still doing minor updates and 'hanging around' in here. I did update the Quote of the Month, as I said I would. I also updated my email address on the Contact Us page. I will be deactivating all previous email addresses soon, so please remove them from your address book. If you ever find yourself with an old email address that is bouncing back, remember that you can always find the latest address on the contact page.
I also realized that I have the old email address salted all throughout the website (instead of just referencing the Contact Us page like I perhaps should have), so I had to go back and change a slew of pages. I'm sure I've missed quite a few, like on some of the commentary pages. This gave me a chance, though, to clean up some of the code on those pages. Mostly trivial stuff to report, but it's not like I'm battling for space on the What's New page.
This type of stuff will become more significant if what I heard about all the main browsers and the move to HTML 5 is true. I was reading that they will be eliminating some of the current code tags, and not staying 'reverse compatible'. This makes no sense to me, as it seems it will break tens of millions of websites (and this one for sure), but the story is they will be doing this as soon as this year or next. So, I'm really not sure what I will do, as I have hundreds of pages and I don't know how to code without the tags I used. We'll see when the time comes...
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