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Nov 19, 2015- Okay, so my plan to update the Quote of the Month every month obviously hasn't worked out so well. Here it is coming up on nine months and I'm just getting to my first update on that right now. It's hard for me to get a handle on just how busy I am until I see something like this. It feels like I just did the last update. Now that winter is here I'll try real hard to update it regularly (where have we heard something like that before...). This one will be for December basically, so I'll try to update around the New Year. I hope I'm not going to be doing another post like this say next August...
I did some other fairly trivial page cleanup stuff, but otherwise, that's it. I've had ideas for some articles, and some are even in rough draft form, but I just lack the time to get them completed and up. Plus, although I still have my hard-core followers, I think 'retail' is pretty dead (despite being right near all-time highs in one of the longest running 'bulls' ever), so I don't think there are many traders left to even read them. That's crazy to me, because in my opinion the trading conditions are as good as I have ever seen, or as good as I could ever want them to be. Anyway, keep following along, you never know when something might get posted.
Feb 26, 2015- I can't get over how much work I'm doing on the site. Most of this is going to be just a list of cleanups, but I'll throw in one new thing just for fun. I updated quite a few pages, pulling off two Java applets that current security will no longer allow to run. I looked into getting them 'certified' and it is just not feasible. Too bad, I really liked them. One did this cool text coalesce for the Jim's Chart of the Month popup, and the other scrolled the text at the top of the home page. I will look for another scroll when I get some time (hah!).
I also deleted off a nice web scrollbar that colored the bar one of my KT blue colors, as it seems either modern operating systems or modern browsers no longer see it. I only removed this on the main pages I worked on. This website has like three hundred or so pages, and there is no way I am going to fix all those (so, expect to still see the Java security warning and block for one of those applets that is on many of the archived commentary). I have heard about scripts that can go through all the pages and replace whatever is specified, but I not only don't have that level of coding skill, but also worry if anything goes wrong what a mess it might make.
One of the things I did, the 'new' thing, is to get rid of that old Jim's Chart of the Month that has been there since I stopped doing commentaries in 2010 (it's on the home page, and on many of the daily commentary). I had only planned to put up a message saying it was no longer available, or some such thing. I was inspired to replace it with what I did from 2003-2005, a quote, 'Jim's Quote of the Month'.
Given how little time I have I thought I'd just put one up and leave it. But, after doing more work on the site I felt some serious nostalgia, and decided I'll make an effort to put up a new one every month, for those that might want to check back. They'll all be methodology related, from me, except the odd one I may throw in from a book or the like. Jim's back!
As you can see, I archived last year's What's New and started this page for 2015. I updated the Future Products page, taking off the projects for videos and seminars. I am very (very) fulfilled with doing the long-term legacy-student type of mentoring I have been doing, and that's all I have time for. Doing my market work daily, and working on my 'research' with new techniques and advancements, is all I can handle.
I also decided to stop selling the eArticles. They were a giant time consuming pain to set up and protect. They are included in hard copy version in the full bookset, and the way I figure it, if people haven't heard about me by now, and my reputation, plus all of what is free on this website, 'testing' my work buying the eArticles first isn't going to make much of a difference. It's interesting that although I've had a few 'conversions' after the eArticles were purchased, the conversion rate is minuscule. On the other hand the conversion rate after buying the only stand-alone book I sell, Trade Management, is very high. I wonder why that is...
If anyone has any issues with the website (other than that it doesn't work so well with all the new browsers, but what can I do), like a page that worked before now doesn't, or looks odd, please let me know. Also, Jim's Quote of the Month is accessible from many of the archived daily commentary, but the size of the quote popups is smaller than the chart popups. I put a nice-colored background around those so they will still look okay, but that's the best I can do. The pages will also still say 'Jim's Chart of the Month'. Hey, at least I'm here doing what I can.
I hope people will check back and read my quotes, and keep studying the material on the site. At this stage of the game it's important to me to make a contribution, to pass things on. I am blown away every day by what I've learned, the immensity of it, and the order in the markets. I don't think I've ever been more amazed by anything in my life than discovering how much order there is, and I've seen the Grand Canyon! (I'm not saying the Grand Canyon is ordered, only that it is truly amazing.)
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