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Oct 3, 2010- I'm sorry to report that the October 3, 2010 commentary will be my last for the forseeable future. I can't say I will never resurrect the commentary, but for now I am going to step away from that and put the time into other aspects of the Kane Trading project.
July 6, 2010- Well, as I mentioned in the last monthly commentary, the 'take time off' experiment (see post below) went exceptionally well, and I'm ready to do it again, and probably once more in August. And based on how addictive this time off felt, if the weather is nice, I may even do it again in September (oh, well, I can dream, can't I?). I posted a note on the books and eArticles pages, but I'll mention it here, too.
I will be 'away' from everything except the market itself from say July 8th to the end of the following week around July 16th. With that being a Friday I won't be shipping books out until the next shipping day, which would be Monday, July 19th. As I mentioned on the books and eArticles pages, you can still order during this time, but understand I won't even see the order until I start up my e-mail program on around the 16th. Ordering during this period didn't bother some people the last time, so if it isn't an issue for you to wait after your order, and not get a reply right back, feel free, otherwise, please wait until I return from my garden to the KT project and the world of e-mail.
Finally, I really do plan to get to that update on the mentorship page, explaining the changes to fully remote, and so on. As I'm wont to say, I'm going to 'rise that one up the priority list'. I'll post in here, and in the monthly commentary, when I actually get it done.
June 5, 2010- I've come up with a new idea I am going to try out to keep me from working too much (you know, cutting me back from maybe a hundred hours a week to ninety or ninety-five...). This will be something I will try to implement during the summer when the weather is nice. The seven month winter up here has given me some crazy cabin fever, and the nice weather has been slow in coming. Here's the plan. When I'm feeling too overburdened and too stressed, I will take a week or so off from everything but my market activities. No book/eArticle shipping, no checking e-mails, no website work, no mentoring sessions, nothing but market and then go have fun outside. If I even check my e-mails or agree to ship a set of books out, I'll get sucked right back in. Try to understand how many e-mails I get, and how many requests for something from me I see daily...
I will put notes on the books and eArticles pages when I am doing this. You can feel free to order during one of these periods, as long as you understand I won't even see the order until I 'turn my e-mail back on'. If you e-mail me on other matters and don't hear back, this is why. I will also post in here when I plan to take some time off from the Kane Trading project, so those that aren't planning to order but want to know if I will be away from e-mail can check on this. I'll see how this goes. If I can't take some time when the weather is nice and get out in the garden or clean the gutters out (which actually sounds like fun to me at this point), what is the point of Kane Trading? With this idea maybe I can still follow the market but not get totally burned out all the time. We'll see.
I will take my first 'break' starting the weekend of June 6th, and return to shipping and reading e-mails after the following weekend. I need a little time to get back in the swing of things, so let's say I'll be back around the 15th. Once the note disappears from the books and eArticles pages you'll know I'm back. If the note doesn't disappear around that time, feel free to e-mail me and remind me I forgot to update that.
April 2, 2010- Well, I think the newest thing is that I just realized now here in April that I haven't updated this section since last November! I guess I don't have a lot new to report, as I just keep the 'well-oiled' KT project machine running. I wish I had the time to write/clean up some additional free articles that I have either sketched out in my mind, or written in rough draft form. But, other things take precedence, and they get shifted to the back burner.
I do have one thing that needs updating, but I'm not quite ready to do it yet. It has to do with doing mentorships remotely. I mentioned this here and there in the commentary, and how I didn't want to start a storm of people contacting me once I commit to this venue. I will say that it seems all my mentoring is now being done remotely (despite my objections to this as outlined on the current mentorship page). The traveling is a big issue with my many overseas clients, and they are very happy with this option. I, too, find that it has some additional advantages for me, as far as being able to mentor in my pajamas (yes, I'm jesting, but you get the point) instead of driving to get together with the client, and so on.
I miss the in-person human interaction and showing people the rain forest and ocean where we live, but the upside seems to outweigh the downside in the overall for all parties concerned. So, the time has come where I will have to acquiesce to modern technology and my clients needs, and 'officially' update the mentorship program for remote, leaving the in-person as a likely rarely used option for those that want a vacation, too. Just give me some time on this, as the acceptance of yet more technology and less actual human contact is a tough one for me...
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