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December 17, 2008- I updated the links page, and added the logos instead of plain text for those links. I also removed many outdated links, and fixed some that were no longer pointing to the correct page (for example, the QCharts link).
You will notice I added a third link onto the featured links section, for Options News Network. I saw a few television commercials for them and received a promotional email from them, and so I checked out their website. It seems to be early in the development stage, but it looks like it may be a good resource for options related information. I talked with them and we agreed to exchange links and see how that goes. I will continue to follow along as their project develops. I suggest everyone take a look at it and see if it has any information that may be of use to you. As always, do your own due diligence.
December 13, 2008- I finally managed to do some updates on the testimonials page. Just as an aside on the testimonials, most of those are quoted from emails that I received from various people in the course of regular communications. They aren't responses I received after, say, asking someone if they could write up something about the books, or anything of that sort. They are just comments that I got in an email. If I did ask you about using your comments and I haven't posted them yet, please let me know, as it is possible I missed your information in my 'testimonials to do' pile...
I hope to update the links page shortly, as it's terribly out of date. It should be done some time this upcoming week. I plan to add a new link to the 'featured links' section (if all goes well on that I will put a little something in here about that, and I will cover it a bit in the next commentary, but since that is still some three weeks away, I'll say a few things in here, too), as well as add logos on instead of plain text for those featured links.
November 10, 2008- And I thought the last stretch on how long I went without updating the 'What's New' section was a record. This one beats that hands down. Twenty more days and it will have been a year! I know I say that there just isn't anything new to report, since I've got the project down to a smoothly oiled machine, just operating away, but still, I should be posting the smaller things anyway, just to keep this section looking good. As it is, I mostly just mention things in the commentary, and leave it at that. I'll try to do better down the road.
So, speaking of news, I posted the new Remote Support page today, after finally getting the graphic done for that. I no longer have a 'graphics guy', so I have to learn all sorts of things to create new pages, update the drop down menu, and so on, and given I'm trying to figure this stuff out from those monstrous software manuals, it can take me awhile.
I did manage to update the drop down menu with a new link for the Remote Support page, and I tested it with my IE 6 & 7. Please let me know if you have any issues with other browsers. I also updated the Site Map page to reflect the new support page, and did an information update on the eArticles page. And finally, I updated and archived the 'What's' New' section here. Hard to believe in a short while I'll have to archive again for the year. I hope it has more than this one post...
I still have free articles that I hope someday to clean up enough to post, and I am still working on updating the Testimonials page. I also have a few new books I want to add to the Recommended Reading page, a new FAQ or two, but all in due time, I guess. Keep an eye out here for details, as I may actually post them this time around. Hey, I did say to watch here for details on the new Remote Support page, and I posted the update as soon as the new page was uploaded.
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