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November 30, 2007- Wow, is that a new record in how long between posts in here? I'll leave that to the curious readers to research if that's a record or not. Meanwhile, I finally posted some new testimonials that have been sitting around for awhile. I have more, and will get to them 'eventually'.
July 29, 2007- I'm on a roll, and I just added another Free Article entitled Simulation Trading. This is one of the two I had said I planned to get to, perhaps not until winter. I got such a response from last week's article, and so much traffic (even being asked if I minded it being directly linked) that I decided to 'bang out' this next one. Who knows, maybe I'll do the other one I referred to soon, too. It seems these free articles are quite popular and I get a lot of comments on how thought provoking they are.
July 21, 2007- I just added a Free Article entitled Scaling Out of Trades. If you like the Kane Trading style of food for thought writing, I think you'll like this. And if you believe what you've read about studies mathematically or statistically 'proving' that scaling in or out is for sure not the thing to do, you definitely should read this one. I know I had two other articles that were supposed to be in front of this one, but some recent questions and posts I had seen prompted me to do this one next. I hope everyone enjoys it, and gets something useful from it.
March 23, 2007- I just added a new FAQ in regards to the free Kane Trading private forum. I'm getting a lot of e-mail about this, and since it isn't clear, it seems, I figured it was easier to do an FAQ on this, instead of answering a slew of what feel like endless e-mails asking the same thing. Whenever this happens, I do another FAQ, and that 'automates' the process by giving me a place to refer people to. If you have wondered about the forum, please check this FAQ out.
March 14, 2007- I just added a new Free Article entitled Jim's 10 Favorite 'I want to blow up my account' Trader Tricks. This one was written to be a little bit of fun, while still getting my point across. I hope everyone enjoys it, and learns something, too. I have more free articles in the works, but as I said below, it may be awhile. 'Quality takes time.'
February 19, 2007- I just added two new FAQ's, one regarding questions that I have had about what timeframes and issues I feel my methodology applies to, and another about mentorships and mentorship availability. It is just a lot easier for me to add FAQ's to make the information clear and easily available, than it is for me to keep answering the same questions via e-mail. This way, if I still get the same questions I will at least have a place to refer people to for the answers. If either of these topics are of interest to you please check out what I wrote.
Also, I have a few more free articles 'in the works', although it may be awhile before I get to them, since I am always overloaded as it is. One is planned for my thoughts on simulation trading, and another is the top quotes from perhaps my favorite trading book of all time, with a retelling of the story about my reading of that book. Should be a fun and informative article.
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