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December 24, 2006- Despite it being Christmas Eve, and despite my comments (which produced a fair amount of feedback) in this week's commentary about spending time with my family, I still found the time to finish and post those next two Free Articles entitled Realistic Expectations, Part II, and A Key Options Myth. I have a few more planned out, but I've got my plate more than full right now, so it will just be 'whenever' on those. I'll put a note in here when the time comes.
November 24, 2006- As you probably already know, on November 19 I posted another new Free Article entitled Realistic Expectations. I have a 'Part II' to this in the works, as well as an options article, so keep an eye out for them. I also, finally, after putting this off forever, archived the What's New posts from previous years, to make this page less unruly. If you scroll down to the bottom you will see the first posts for this year, and links to pages for previous years. My 'to do' list is always a mile long...
November 18, 2006- I just posted a new Free Article entitled A Key Chart Analysis Pitfall. I have gotten some links recently to my Free Article page, and I decided it is time to start getting to all those articles I have written and haven't cleaned up and posted. If nothing goes wrong (Hah!) I will try to get to them over the next month. Given how things have been going lately, though, don't count on that. Just keep checking either here for an update, or on the Free Articles page.
August 1, 2006- I'm back from 'vacation', and ready to start shipping books again. This was a real 'working' vacation, and it has been nuts beyond comprehension. I have stories stacked up like a pile of firewood. A big pile. I will tell some as time unfolds. I will get to a commentary as soon as I can, but given the week is well under way I may not do one before the weekend, or it won't be up long and I'll be doing another one. Then again, I may get to one. Keep checking the commentary page and we'll see what I can do. It will take me awhile to get through all my accumulated e-mail, so be patient. I will get to you, though, so have no fear. I'm glad to be 'back', so let's get to work.
July 7, 2006- Well, I finally have a few things to report. I've sold the trading book collection group, and 'grayed out' the link below. That sure took awhile, but it seems everyone here is a lot more interested in my books than the books of other authors, and who am I to complain about that.
Next, I am going to take my now customary 'summer vacation' time shortly, to work on my latest project, which has to do with the 'lifestyle change/personal news' I was alluding to. I think this weekend's commentary will be the last one until I return from 'vacation'. There is a slight chance I may do one next weekend, but probably not. Just keep an eye on the latest commentary page and you'll see when I'm 'back'. I'm guessing I may miss two or three weekends. Once all this shakes out and I'm back in the saddle I'll give the details when the time is right.
One another note, the time has come for one long-anticipated change, and I felt the timing was right as I work on other changes to implement this one. I will now only sell the books as a set. Most of my sales are for full sets as it is, so it's not a huge change by any stretch. I will still sell one book as single, for those that just have to read one before they can make a commitment to the package. Based on my overall assessment, I feel the best choice to get an overview of my work is Kane Trading on: Trade Management. I will continue to sell that book separately during this transition period, and see how things go. I explained the reasoning behind this decision in more detail in a link I have on the top of the newly updated books page.
Finally, as I get closer to 'vacation time' I will soon have to wait until after I 'return' to ship any orders, or even answer e-mails. If you want to get a set before I go on leave, please order before July 16th, as that's about the latest I will be able to get anything out before I turn off the computer. Any orders after that will not be shipped, or likely even seen by me, until the end of the month. You can still order during that period, but understand you may not get a response of any kind from me until the end of the month, give or take. If that bothers you, please wait until I return to place your order.
May 31, 2006- I don't have a lot to update lately in here, hence the lack of posts. I have been slowly adding to the testimonials page, and I updated that once again just now. I have that page so that people who are pondering whether or not to make the investment in my book set can see some of the candid comments I get on a regular basis. I hope they are helpful in the decision-making process. I will continue to add to that page as the comments come in, so check back often. Lastly, although it isn't directly related to trading, I might have some personal news to report down the road a little bit. When that unfolds, I'll mention it in here.
March 25, 2006- As I mentioned in the latest free commentary, I reduced the price of the books reduction package that I have up for sale. The link for the package is below, in the February 26, 2006 post. As I mentioned there, if the link is 'grayed out' that means they are sold.
March 13, 2006- I have been getting a pretty fair number of requests asking if there is any way to work out an arrangement to gain access to the members' archive, the one I have now combined into the mentorship program. I have given this a lot of thought, and decided that if people want access, and I can make this fair to the people making this request as well as to myself, all the while still retaining the added value for the mentor students, I should do it.
The main purpose for making the archive available is as an intermediate step for those that want more than the books, but aren't in a position, either at this time, or due to circumstances (such as being overseas and/or not able to travel), to get into the mentorship program. Combining this, perhaps, with a phone support package (see the mentorship page for details) opens up another possible way to 'take it to the next level'. I have updated the membership page with the description of this new offering, with a PayPal button to make the purchase.
I fully expect this is a very specialized item, and will not be purchased by many, which I actually prefer, due to the type and level of material I put in the commentaries. I designed this offering for the people who are coming to me and asking me for access, and I even considered only giving out the link for the updated page to those that asked me for access. I decided I don't like to do very much that is only offered to select people, so I just decided to 'go public' with the idea, to be fair to everyone.
February 26, 2006- As I mentioned in the latest free commentary, I am going to be parting with a fraction of my trading book collection. I put up a link for this, so if you think you may be interested in acquiring a good-sized group of trading books, please check it out by clicking here on this book reduction page link. If the link is 'grayed out' that means I have already sold them.
I am thinking that I may break up this page, and 'archive' the previous years posts, having only the 2006 posts here, and a link at the bottom for the older posts, in case anyone wants to go back and look at those. It seems this page is getting too long and unruly. I'll put it on my 'to do' list, along with the couple hundred other things on there already. Hopefully, that will be an improvement to the page.
January 12, 2006- I finally made the decision, and I will end the members' commentary service at the end of January. I updated the membership page to reflect this. The change will free up the time I want to devote to the mentorship program, and allow me to focus on my trading without the thoughts of a three hour commentary job hanging over my head after I exhaust myself concentrating for the entire day on the market. I will have a full year in the archive, and that has over 1,350 charts, each with discussion, all at the highest level of work I have produced. This archive will become a resource that I have incorporated into the mentorship program.
I updated and revised the mentorship page to reflect the new user-friendly 'changes' I have been mentioning in the free commentary. I incorporated the course back into the new mentorship program, so that is no longer available. I updated the course page to reflect the changes. The new mentorship page details the changes I have made, and how the new program is laid out. I think the changes will encourage some potential candidates that felt intimated before to go ahead and sign up for the program. I think the changes are very positive, for both me and my potential students.
I want to mention once again that I will be continuing the free commentary. I am thinking about possible format changes to 'spruce it up', but for now I haven't come up with anything I like yet. Please continue to tune in, as I'll still be writing. I have some additional ideas I am also mulling around, one being some type of a weekly e-mail subscription report/newsletter showing things I am looking at. I am not looking to take on anything new that has a big time commitment, but the time I will gain from the members' service is large, so I may dabble in one or two much smaller things with a little of that time. I'll let everyone know if and/or when I come up with something.
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