Book: Kane Trading on: Trailing Stops
December 17, 2005- I'm sure that's a record for how long I've went without updating this page. And it used to be one of my most visited pages... There just hasn't been that much to update since I finished the last two books and got the machine all oiled up and running smoothly. I have done some testimonial updates, as well as some updates to the recommended reading and links pages, but I do that here and there as necessary, and it hardly seems worth mentioning in here. If you haven't checked those out lately you may want to. So, why the update now?
I will be making some changes around here shortly after the new year. I will explain in greater detail as the time draws near, in here and in the free commentary. My goal is to make the experience with Kane Trading more 'user friendly'. I noticed that when I added the International Shipping page, streamlined the process, and mentioned that I now welcome international orders, my overseas sales jumped up strongly. Here's why I bring this up now.
I have made my mentorship program very 'intimidating' on purpose, with the goal to weed out those that weren't willing to work hard. I think I have succeeded in that, but I have also weeded out some potentially good candidates. I will be revising the description and goals of this program to make it more user friendly, less intimidating, and more flexible in terms of what the student may want to learn. As I make some of the other changes that I will announce next month this will free up a bit of time, and since I find the mentoring by far the most personally rewarding aspect of my work with the Kane Trading project, I would like to focus my available 'project' energy on that.
I will still keep the number of students to a small number per year, but instead of turning away students and perhaps being under my limit for the year (as I have been at times) I want to make this more amenable to those that want to study my methodology with me. I will still remain well in the single digits as far as total number of students per year given that my focus will still be on my own trading, but I will have more time (this will be more clear next month), and as I mentioned, I want to take a part of that time and use it to work with students. I will cover this in detail in the free commentary early next month, along with the other changes, so keep an eye out for that.
September 1, 2005- Well, I've updated the books page, adding the two new books, Kane Trading on: Four 'New' ABCD Pattern Variations and Kane Trading on: Median Line and Fibonacci Synergy. I also updated the package price to reflect the new books, and I increased the special bonus for a trial to Jim's Trading Commentary (Gold Service) to a full month.
I also created an International Shipping page and made it easier on international buyers by accepting PayPal more readily and making shipping payments more convenient with the new shipping page. I updated the Terms page and the FAQ's page to reflect the international changes. Lastly, if you are a previous full set buyer and want to buy the two new books, please email me for the link. I am giving a courtesy discount for a limited time to keep the 'old' full set buyers 'on par' with the new buyers.
July 24, 2005- It's come to my attention that some people are not seeing the new updated chart from the 'Jim's Chart of the Week' popup. This is most likely due to your browser holding an old version in its cache. Try refreshing (reloading) the home page and then try the popup. That should solve the problem. You might also be able to right click on the very edge of the chart and select the refresh option there, as long as where you are clicking is outside the image boundary but still inside the frame. It's a tight squeeze, but I tried it and was able to do it.
July 17, 2005- I decided to try a little experiment and change the format of 'Jim's Quote of the Week' on the home page. That's a weekly quote I have been remiss at keeping up with that you can access on the upper left part of the home page. I have this cool coalescing text below what was 'Jim's Quote of the Week', that if you hold your mouse over it comes together and says 'click text above'. To try to draw more people to the website I decided to make a change.
This has been morphed into 'Jim's Chart of the Week'. I will attempt to post a chart each week, usually when I do the commentary. They won't be archived, and there won't be any explanations. They will be 'in advance', and will point out some action spot I am watching. They aren't 'recommendations', as I don't do recommendations, period. They are just areas I am watching for one reason or another. I will try to discuss some of what I post in the commentary, especially if anything interesting happens.
As I say on the charts, I may trade the setup, I may fade it, or I may stand aside. It depends on what happens as the potential layout comes together. It may not even come together. I'm not sure how this is going to work for me, since I use so much 'context', price action, and ongoing assessment and evaluation with all my layouts, and once I post a chart that's it, I can't add any more as things develop. But I'll see how it goes and decide if I'm going to keep doing it. You can access the chart from the home page, by going to the upper left and clicking on 'Jim's Chart of the Week'.
July 9, 2005- In order to make the membership sign up as convenient and simple as possible for my clients, I decided to drop my request that people try to sign up close to the end of the month. I will no longer run a given membership by the calendar month. Instead, it will simply run for a month from the date one signs up. It will then renew on or about that date each month. This is done automatically by PayPal. (I will also run individual monthly purchases starting on whatever day the sign up is done on.)
With this change you can feel free to sign up at any time, and you will get your full month from that date, and it will automatically renew at that time each month. And as I mentioned in the update on the sign up page, it is not a 'commitment' if you use the automatic renewal, since you can easily cancel any time you want before the next payment. If you aren't sure how long you may want to stay with the service it is still better to use the automatic renewal (at the very least, it is a lot easier on me), and simply cancel if you don't want to continue. I hope this makes the entire process more 'user-friendly'.
June 19, 2005- Well, I'm back. I'm recharged and ready to go. I've taken the 'on break' descriptions off the books and eArticles pages, and so you can feel free to order at will and I'll get those shipped right out to you. I am a bit inundated right now, but I expect to have a commentary up later tonight or tomorrow some time. My first responsibility is to my members, so I have to get something done for them first. Just keep checking back.
As far as my break time, I did come up with a few new thoughts, and I am going to do a little something with them, but I'll wait until I've made a little progress before I say anything. As usual, it should be good. I like taking breaks. I get a lot of good ideas when I do, and I come back ready to take things on, which usually works out great for my readers. As always, I'll post any details in here and in the free commentary.
May 29, 2005- Boy, it's been a while since I've updated this page. That's funny, because it is one of my most popular pages. There hasn't been much to report lately, as the 'well-oiled machine' is just running smoothly, as I had hoped it would once I got it set up. Although I really, really need to do a book on my Fib and median line synergies, the pen hasn't been at rest long enough, so for now that's 'on the back burner'. I said I was going to stop, and I have.
Today I'm just doing an update about my impending 'vacation'. My computer is going to be officially turned off some time on Thursday, June 2. I will ship any book orders I get up until Tuesday morning, May 31. It may be possible that if I get an order after Tuesday morning, but before I power down the workstation and stop checking emails on Thursday, that I could have an 'associate' drop it off at the post office, but please try to order by Tuesday morning if you want to be sure I'll get it shipped out. I can't promise I can get someone to make a run for me after that, and once I 'punch out' I'm done, or this won't be a 'vacation' for me. I desperately need the R&R so I don't burn out for everyone.
Given all this, please note: I will not be at my computer during my two weeks break, even if I don't go anywhere. Hence, I will not be answering emails, shipping books or eArticles, writing commentaries, or anything of that sort until I 'return' around June 19th. Feel free to order during this time if you want, as long as you understand I won't even see the order until after I 'return' around the 19th. If this bothers you, then simply order after I return. I will make a note regarding this on the books and eArticles pages, but if you don't refresh your browser, you might not see it.
The next free commentary will likely be the weekend edition for June 19th, but it might not get posted until early the following week. If I am inundated when I get back I may not do one until the following weekend. Please check around the 19th and if I haven't posted anything, keep checking back. You can also check here, because if I am going to wait until the following weekend I'll note that in here.
March 30, 2005- It was brought to my attention that some people were having trouble printing some of the pages on the website. I took a look at this and found out that I was having the same trouble. After some rather extensive sleuthing I found out where the trouble was. So much for 'amateur' website coding.
In order to move the Kane Trading logo down on the bottom left of the pages so that it lines up the way I want it to I came up with an image spacer to force it down to the right level. What I didn't know is that once it gets to a certain maximum height it somehow freaks out the browser. You can see what is happening by choosing any long page (like this one) and going to file: print preview and watch what happens to the page count. It goes up indefinitely. That is why it won't print, it hasn't finished counting the pages. It gets stuck in this infinite loop.
This leaves me with quite a dilemma. I can find a way to redo how I get that image down there, using another method. That's all fine and good, but I have something like two hundred pages on this site, and it's impossible for me to even consider redoing and reloading all those pages. I am still thinking on this, but an answer isn't likely forthcoming. That leaves me with 'the workaround'.
In the meantime, you can highlight the text and images you want to print and then go to file: print and when the screen pops up, hit the button for 'selection' and then 'print' and it will print the selected region. I have tried this and it works. You can also cut and paste that into Word, but that may require you to do a little shuffling to get it all lined up.
Lastly, you can make it all easy on yourself and just buy the archive on CD. There are enough options here that I will likely leave it this way, and pursue an update for future pages. I have also laid out the workaround in an FAQ so it will be easy to access.
March 20, 2005- I noticed a problem with the security certificate when making a purchase and going to the PayPal shopping cart page. It was saying the certificate was expired. I knew this wasn't correct, so I set out to figure out what was going on. That was a big challenge, to put it mildly (I love all this technology). Finally I managed to sort it out.
The Kane Trading logo that appears on the page was somehow still referring to an old server that was phased out, but apparently they didn't delete off all the old material. Hence it was calling that from an old server that was not updating the security certificates, but because they hadn't deleted off all the old files yet I didn't know I was calling that image from the old location. I updated all the pages, referencing the correct image location, and the security warnings don't pop up anymore.
If this was an issue for you and caused you to hold back on making a purchase, you can try again now, as all is well. Please keep in mind that you need to refresh your pages in your browser before proceeding, though, as the old, incorrect pages may still be in your browser's cache and hence still attempt to call the incorrect image. Once you hit 'reload' it should work fine. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it's tough to catch everything.
February 26, 2005- As promised, I changed the full book set purchase free shipping special to a two-week trial of Jim's Trading Commentary (Gold Level) special. This will be for a limited time only, but at this point I can't say how long I will run it for. I'll see how it goes, and decide down the line.
If you take advantage of this offer you do not have to start the trial right away. I would suggest waiting until you read and digest the books before you start, so it will make more sense to you. I will leave it up to the buyer to decide when to start, though, as I'm flexible on this.
February 13, 2005- Due to the number of requests I have been getting lately asking for help in finding a solution to better managing the data in the now rather extensive Kane Trading archive, I came up with a solution. I have put the entire archive, from Nov '03 to Dec '04, in Microsoft Word format, onto CD. When 2005 completes I'll do the same with that data, and make that available.
I've created a new CD-ROMs page which details this offering, and I've updated the drop down menu (please refresh your browser or it may retain the old one). I think this is a phenomenal amount of material now available in one easy to organize format for a very nominal amount of money. This is just one example of my responsiveness to the requests of my clients. You asked for it, and you got it.
January 30, 2005- Okay, it's 'go time'. The new members section is about to launch, and members have signed up. I've updated the home page and the sitemap with members logon buttons which can be used to get you started. You will be prompted for your user name and password at that point. Negotiating your way around from there should be pretty obvious (I hope!).
I will send the user names and passwords out sometime before the Tuesday morning launch. You may want to read this FAQ about the agreement page before starting so you will understand how I laid out the entry to the area. Lastly, if you plan to sign up please try to do so before the end of the month, as it is a lot easier for me if your renewal is at the month's end. And if you're still not sure, well, perhaps that is telling you something useful right there...
January 16, 2005- Well, a lot of new and exciting things have been happening around Kane Trading. I finally decided to launch a members section, after working for quite a while at hammering out the details. What I finally settled on is clearly outlined on the new membership page, as well as some discussion in today's commentary. The new service will launch on February 1.
You can sign up right now if you like on the membership page. You can buy this on a single month basis, or via the subscription option with PayPal, which will automatically renew you every month until you tell it to stop. Another exciting aspect here is that I am going to accept international PayPal for this, so all my international customers who are among the 45 or so countries that PayPal accepts can sign up easily.
If you plan to use the subscribe option, you may want to do that near the end of the month because PayPal renews on the same day each month that you sign up, and since all memberships will run per calender month, it may be easier for you to associate the end of month renewal date with the following month's subscription. This is not necessary, but may make it easier to follow for both of us.
If you sign up on say the 30th, though, and the following month doesn't have a 30th day (like the upcoming month of February), it will renew on the first of the following month. That works just fine, but if you want to avoid that and have it renew on the same exact day of the month every time, choose a day on the 28th or earlier, so it can use that day for every month of the year.
I have really come back from my 'break' on fire here. The trading action has been great, and I've been working extra long and hard to get all my ideas for offerings for the new year done and out there. Other than possibly writing up two or three very short eArticles down the line that I have had in my mind for a while, this wraps up the new ideas I came back with. I have the services laid out now, and I'm going to get focused much more intensely on my trading, without the distraction and lack of recuperation time all this work has created.
I'm hoping I've created a smooth-running machine that I can tend to with a reasonable amount of time in off market hours, and while the screens are dead and I sit waiting for setups to come together. I finally feel like everything has come together and fallen into place. If my assessment is correct, the well-oiled machine can now just be left to run. We'll see.
Lastly, I've updated the drop down menu with the new offerings. If you have any problems with that, please send me an email. As the new members area gets closer to launching on February 1, I will add a members area button to the home page, as well as on the sitemap.
January 3, 2005- Well, I'm back from my 'vacation' and ready to go. Books are shipping again, and I'm tossing around many new ideas based on the requests I have been getting. I will be exploring these various ideas over the next few months, and perhaps asking for some feedback.
I just introduced a new product, the Kane Trading course. This is a variation of sorts on the mentorship program, especially designed for those that feel they need more structure and direction from me than the standard mentorship program provides.
If you have been interested in the mentorship program but felt a little bit 'intimidated' by the pressure you may have felt it would put on you to have 'three days worth of questions', I suggest you click on the link for the course and check this new program out. Even if you aren't seriously considering the mentorship program, check it out and feel free to send me some feedback if you like.
I hope to have the drop-down menu updated soon to include the course link, but for now you can access it with the above link, from the sitemap page, and of course you can bookmark it when you get there, too, so you'll have it.
Lastly, recall that the free commentary will now be posted once per week, on the weekend. I am actively considering some subscription options that would provide more detailed commentary, and more of it. I'll discuss this in the free commentary on the weekends as it unfold, and post anything new in here.
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