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December 29, 2003- My latest eArticle, 'A Pattern Trade Entry Technique', is nearing completion. I have received quite a few inquiries asking when it will be available. I have decided to make this new eArticle and 'The 4-Point Continuation Pattern' available in 'hard copy' versions also, due to the many requests that I have received. I would like to release the new eArticle in both versions at the same time, so the release will be delayed a little bit, until I can finish the print version layout and get the printing done. I'm hoping to wrap all this up within two weeks. I'm very pleased with how the article came out, and I think the wait will be well worth it.
December 14, 2003- Check out my new quote of the week. Now normally it's not newsworthy enough to point out that I changed my quote of the week in the 'What's New' section, but this time I think the quote is incredibly apropos to the current situation, and I didn't want anyone to miss it.
December 13, 2003- Keep an eye out for a new eArticle that I hope to have available soon, perhaps in the next two weeks or so. The article will be about a pattern trade entry technique that I have been working on. I developed this for 5-point patterns, but it seems like it will work equally well with my 4-Point Continuation Pattern, too. This technique has evolved to be my preferred trigger to get into these pattern trades. It should be particularly useful to traders looking for an alternate way to get into pattern trades, instead of 'fading' the entry at the potential trade area.
December 7, 2003- I just posted the new free article that I mentioned back on November 25, entitled Kane Trading on: The Myth of 'Predicting' the Market. I am very happy with how it turned out. I want to warn you ahead of time, though, it is a little provocative and will challenge some of your currently held beliefs. But if I didn't do that, this wouldn't be Kane Trading!
December 3, 2003- In all the excitement and busyness of getting the website up and getting books shipped out to people, I forgot all about updating my 'Jim's Quote of the Week'. I've added a new quote today, and I'll try to change it out about once a week. Otherwise, it's not much of a 'Quote of the Week'. I'd also like to make a comment here about the quote.
If the quote has no citation as to who it is from, the quote is mine. Otherwise I will cite who said the quote. Originally I planned to do only my own quotes, but I have seen so many great quotes lately (now that I'm thinking about quotes) that I decided I'll mix it up and do some of mine and some from others. My goal is to make traders think about what I am quoting, and why I would choose to offer that quote up. You can be sure I feel that quote is very important to trading or I wouldn't put it up there.
November 25, 2003- Keep a look out in the not too distant future for another free article. This one will be entitled Kane Trading on: The Myth of 'Predicting' the Market. I promise that this one will be very interesting, and it should really make you think about what you accept as 'trading reality'.
November 24, 2003- The new eArticle The 4-Point Continuation Pattern is now available for delivery. It turned out even better than I expected. I've been having some qualms about releasing this material, since I feel that this is one of my best patterns for my own trading. Part of me says that I should just keep this one quiet.
November 17, 2003- The first free daily commentary has been posted!
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