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Welcome to the Kane Trading website. I'm Jim Kane, and I founded Kane Trading. My intention is to provide quality educational products for traders. I started trading for my own account in 1998. My goal then was to be a full time, successful trader, earning my living trading. To this day, that has been my all-consuming passion.
Like many other traders in their early days of trading, I quickly realized that I needed to acquire more skills. I became an avid reader, reading on average two trading books per week, a habit I still have. I just can't get enough reading material. I've taken seminars and bought video courses.
All this has led me to some conclusions. For me, it was hard to find useful material to help me improve my trading. Most of what I found was either a repackaging of tired, old material, or was designed to hook you into buying a much more expensive product the vendor had for sale. Even when I bought the additional products, I sometimes felt that I got little for my money.
It seemed to me that if I just knew someone who had been through all this material, they could tell me what they thought was useful, and I could just focus on that. The problem was, I did not know that many traders who could, or would, tell me what I wanted to know. As my trading career progressed I found that many local traders were asking me endless questions when we had meetings, and asking me if I would consider doing a presentation. I felt quite comfortable in this educational role, since years ago I was a math teacher.
It dawned on me that perhaps I might be able to provide educational material that would be of help to traders in refining their game plan. This would provide income for me, and I could share some of the knowledge that I had gained over many years of intensive study and trading. It is to this end that I formed Kane Trading.
My goal is to create educational material that I feel may be of assistance to traders who take trading seriously. Traders who are willing to work very hard developing a craft, knowing that it takes a lot of time to hone the skills. Traders who know that most fail at trading, and that there is no easy money in this business. Traders who understand the above, but still have made the choice that this business is for them.
I promise only that I will try to provide quality educational material. I ask that you look over my work, and decide for yourself if you think that it may help you. Draw your own conclusions, and incorporate into your knowledge base what you think helps you. Reject anything that you aren't comfortable with, or that you feel doesn't help your trading plan.
Kane Trading will be an evolving project. I expect that my skills as a trading educator will improve over time, as will the quality of the website. I'm hoping that feedback from clients will help me to create material that is even more useful and effective. Let's do this project together, and see what we can create.

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